They Took His Phone

David G.
21,062 Views 2 years ago

That's some fucked up shit when somebody steals your phone and use it to record themselves whooping your ass. I hope these motherfuckers end up on a video getting some street justice.

  • iluvkitty December 3, 2015

    I'll take the beating, the phone stealing.... but being spit on is DEADLY. Guy in yellow now has Cystic fibrosis. ha!

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  • xizang December 3, 2015

    That's okay - only black lives matter.

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  •   nybadguy December 3, 2015

    World star nigga

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  • prodeath December 3, 2015

    I hate thieving niggers no matter what color they are

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  •   sbohica December 3, 2015

    The guy also had cerebral palsy. These 2 FUCKING NIGGERS, slipped thru the apartment door where he lives, stole his phone and u see the rest!!! Can u imagine that being 2 white guys doing that to a black????

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  • doonut December 3, 2015

    Is that a new fist cam?

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  • bobbabooey December 3, 2015

    I hope that's GITMO.

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  •   crazyvet December 3, 2015

    Tell me why the word nigger isn't appropriate?

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  • darksider803 December 3, 2015

    Nice camera work dude.

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  • antirano2121 December 3, 2015

    he said nigga 23 times in a 53 second video... such a vast and profound vocabulary....

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  • belchesfelches December 3, 2015

    @crazyvet because some of the niggers who run this site don't like it when you tell the truth...

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  •   dozer67 December 3, 2015

    All the money, fame ,athletic ability and talent still your black and this is where you come from and act like.

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  •   whobe December 3, 2015

    These niggers were stupid enough to post this on what I heard was Facebook. These stupid niggers just changed their address.

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  • cruiserman December 3, 2015

    Niggers....again, they like to fight and dont like to use the mousebrain

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  • woodchipper30 December 3, 2015

    just like a kid kicking a dude in balls and then cheap shoting

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  • bananahammock December 3, 2015

    stupid asses

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  • realtalks December 3, 2015

    Those fucking pieces of shit uploaded the video to the guys Facebook. They got caught and I hope they get raped retarded in prison because the guy they beat has cerebral palsy so he couldn't defend himself. I hate and despise trash like this

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  • ilovelamp December 3, 2015

    this makes me racist(er)

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  •   mykejp December 3, 2015

    Proof that people are shit.

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  •   wombatbytes December 3, 2015

    @mykejp Proof that _niggers_ are shit.

    There, I fixed it for you.

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  •   ouch December 3, 2015

    Excuse me NIGGERS but you can't use the 'N' word! It is considered offensive.

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  •   pizzapie December 3, 2015

    Big Dick Black means business

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  • quackquack December 3, 2015

    @sbohica um no. We like our buildings to be standing after they judge acquits them for population control

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  •   jeeprod December 3, 2015


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  •   potrostation December 3, 2015

    @ sbohica: No I can't see two white dudes doing this. Why the hell would I want with an Obama phone?

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  • fatlarry December 3, 2015

    No hate crime here!! lets move along whitey gets what he deserves

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  •   happyjack December 3, 2015

    Let me be the first to say, I hope the guy that they beat up is okay. @belchesfelches does Jay know about this?

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  • honkie365 December 3, 2015

    And when they are found half beaten to death in an alley there will be protests galore.

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  •   happyjack December 3, 2015

    ^^^^I would disagree. People who go around doing things like this are killed in the streets everyday. It's par for the course. When you run the streets robbing people and are caught or killed nobody will protest for you. Even drug dealers don't like guys like this because they bring unwanted police attention to their neighborhoods.

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  • assmasterson December 3, 2015

    First and only State's exhibit at their assault trial. Dumbasses.

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  • joedumber December 4, 2015

    yeah its a jugle out there.......wherever there's not a white neighboorhood.

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  •   ouch December 4, 2015

    @crazyvet Oh you can Say Cracker and kill whitey and FWP but oh no if the "N" word get used, you know the drill! We sa gonna RIOT! you're all racist! Blar Blar Blar half a fucking page later and double standards ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz it's a word. Bottom line is that is has to be funny so say the N words here so Just go lol at the then of it and you're good to go lol.....Their coming right for us BANG BANG BANG!

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  •   happyjack December 4, 2015

    Ouchy Poo you are mad at me from another post so you are being passive aggressive trying to start a race discussion. These two black guys in this video are pieces of shit. Not because they are black, but because they are beating people up. They are idiots for saying nigga as well. What more can you say?

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  •   whitechristian December 4, 2015

    I guess everybody is a Nigga to another Nigga?

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