Stick vs Machete

David G.
24,616 Views 1 year ago

He brought a stick to a machete fight and paid the price. He should have known his weapon was just not going to cut it. Something tells me a somewhere around there is a nicely tanned girl with big ass who had something to with this.

  • picklehiesner December 9, 2015

    He's safer in that machete fight than he is on that scooter

  • breakfastblunt December 9, 2015

    He's going to fill up his rubber yellow gloves while he's cleanin those shitters

  • sbohica December 9, 2015

    The motorcycle got wiped out by a garbage truck, luckily the arms on life support.

  • nybadguy December 9, 2015

    He saw blood and took off lol

  • bobbabooey December 9, 2015

    Brazilian Rules Baseball is confusing and has a lot of rules, but it still beats American Baseball. A "perfect game" includes a scooter crash.

  • jimmydcap December 9, 2015

    I would rather bring a gun.

  • darksider803 December 9, 2015

    Ok who gave @toreal's gorilla family weapons?

  • whobe December 9, 2015

    Never bring a stick to a machete fight.

  • bobbabooey December 9, 2015

    Can't those Puerto Ricans keep the noise down for even a minute? Fuuuuuck!

  • fatlarry December 9, 2015

    Pretty tough till you lose a limb

  • belchesfelches December 9, 2015

    Ladies and Gents...Dog the Bounty Hunter's Puerto Rican counterpart - Manny Machete.

  • celtickhan December 9, 2015

    why swing a stick at a machete when poking gets better results.

  • jev December 10, 2015

    well, way to go fucktard cameraman on staying with the action, missed the fuckin moment of connection, whole reason i clicked this shit!

  • whitechristian December 10, 2015

    @jev... I agree

  • bookertank December 11, 2015

    hey yoy forgot your stick!

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