KO by pants

Big Jeff
19,396 Views 1 year ago

At the beginning of the fight I knew the big girl had a enemy, or two. She also looked like she was in a losing battle, but then she met her biggest foes...Gluttony, and too small pants.

  • potrostation December 12, 2015

    I now see why they don't have time to find a job or get ID to to vote.

  • dracos December 12, 2015

    world biggie sitstar!

  • fatlarry December 12, 2015

    What these stupid ass whores that prefer black men (and I'm trying to be nice here) don't understand is it don't matter how many mixed kids they have or black dudes they fuck they are still the enemy

  • nybadguy December 12, 2015

    Lard ass

  • crazyvet December 12, 2015

    Does she have a handicapped parking permit for that spot?

  • dracos December 12, 2015

    white lives splattered

  • darksider803 December 12, 2015


  • kingjoa December 12, 2015

    thank god no tits showup from that pig

  • anomic December 12, 2015

    If im pating for their obama phones at least put a decent hd camera in em so these vids are not all blurry

  • bobbabooey December 12, 2015

    Don't bring pajamas to a skank fight.

  • whobe December 12, 2015

    A bucket of KFC and she will come around.

  • vaticider December 12, 2015

    When did women stop being ladies?

  • dozer67 December 12, 2015

    @fatlarry note mostly all with chicks that end up with black guys have many kids,no money and a shit life

  • sbohica December 13, 2015

    ^^^@dozer, the majority of em are also grossly fat and nasty!

  • oathbreaker December 13, 2015

    i hate chick fights. hair pullin and the occasional "butch" tit. i can do without either

  • whitechristian December 13, 2015

    An obese white woman fighting a black chick over a black man, classic.

  • dozer67 December 13, 2015

    @sbohica not really just dumb, white bitches should just get their jungle fever on and then marry a virgin white dude.

  • eric3533 December 14, 2015

    I bet all the black guys got hard watching that fine white fat ass fighting

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