Doing everything as a couple

Big Jeff
23,178 Views 1 year ago

They say a couples that do things together are the strongest. Hope that saying goes for bones as well or she's probably got a snapped jaw right now.

  • sharkbait December 13, 2015

    What stumbles down stairs,alone or in pairs and makes a babbling sound?A scream,a scene,a marvelous thing.Every knows it's drinky.

  • sbohica December 13, 2015

    Its funny how they just followed their drunk feet. Hopefully they made it to their car...

  • mykejp December 13, 2015

    Birds of a feather, flop together.

  • nybadguy December 13, 2015

    With my luck cops would show up and arrest me for domestic violence.

  • potrostation December 13, 2015

    Even stupid finds love.

  • ven0m89 December 13, 2015

    Hopefully he got the 5 year protection plan. New dishwashers are fucking expensive.

  • aquahollic December 13, 2015

    ahh yes here we have the not so illusive drunk watch as they do the mating stumble

  • maddog123 December 13, 2015

    Well there goes his sammich maker.and no more blow jobs for a while unless he's got a small dick and slides it thru the crack of her lips.

  • kingjoa December 14, 2015

    excuse me ma'am dont cry if you fall because your drunk.. next time you fall because your drunk you should laugh out loud, its the right thing to do

  • whitechristian December 14, 2015

    Poor girl, she fucked up something bad. To be that drunk and feel pain like that. Lord knows I fell drunk on my head plenty of times.

  • fatlarry December 14, 2015

    Well bud she prime for the breakin ass fuck

  • goodster December 14, 2015

    They tripped over that again??

  • joedumber December 14, 2015

    does anyone know where i can find a storm trooper recuiter? I have a 4 year degree and want sign up for thier Tie Pilot program

  • slippy December 16, 2015


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