Jim Is a Cheap Mother Fucker!

Jesse U.
30,090 Views 1 decade ago
  • cammandokittie March 21, 2005

    lmao..thats tellin em!

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  • naughty_samara March 21, 2005


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  • big bull March 21, 2005

    Hope the person running the camera it the blondes friend, or she'll have to please the boss in other ways! HEE HEE

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  • sealex March 21, 2005

    Jim is an asshole. If anyone knows his e-mail they should send this to him. Cheap motherfucker, cocksucker, son of a bitch. I know what it's like to have a boss like that. And to top it all off his name is also Jim. He gave everyone a $20.00 christmas bonus and another employee told him to shove it up his ass. Didn't fire her neigther.

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  • chuck32570 March 21, 2005

    She buffed his hood after the camera footage was shot. He then gave her a chin omelet for her troubles.

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  • vanilla_cream March 21, 2005

    She was busted big time and I agree chuck, she probably had to do major "Ass Kissing" to save her job. Thats why you don't get shit faced when the boss is there.

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  • MrSanta1 March 22, 2005

    Drunk girls are teh funnay. :)

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  • goucho March 28, 2005

    cheap bastard, buy good help

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  • legalsizedlarg March 16, 2008

    LOL hey if he's cheap he's cheap the truth should be ok to say LOL LOL.....she was shitfaced lol

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  • dog-breath November 10, 2008

    Fuckin boot....jim should take her away and kick her cunt in.....worthless whore!

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