Tornado Takes Van But Drops The Driver

David G.
16,135 Views 1 year ago

Nature sure can suck sometimes. It can also blow pretty hard too. Too bad there isn't any sound so we can here the exact moment this witness shit his pants. Tornadoes in Taiwan don't mess around, he took that van and dropped driver down on the curb like he just got car jacked.

  • potrostation December 21, 2015

    Instant Karma! Just add water.

  • kingjoa December 21, 2015

    he in his madness prays for storm and dreams that storms will bring him peace

  • picklehiesner December 21, 2015

    You can find your car on the yellow brick road bro

  • darksider803 December 21, 2015

    Rejected by a force of nature. Wow what a FUCK YOU from life.

  • prodeath December 21, 2015

    Toto, Auntie Em

  • zedex December 21, 2015

    You know her cunt must be bad when even a tornado rejects it

  • whobe December 21, 2015

    Actually she was on the toilet a mile behind them.

  • vaticider December 21, 2015

    Now I know how it feels to be a npc when I play Saints Row 4.

  • f-bomb December 21, 2015

    Another game of twister?

  • yojoe December 22, 2015

    Hey, it's a tornado...let's not wear seat belts!

  • whitechristian December 22, 2015

    That black tornado just car jacked that driver.

  • boney1 December 22, 2015

    I wish that would happen every time a car pulls out in front of me

  • dozer67 December 24, 2015

    That's what he gets for cutting off the camera driver.

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