Stingray Giving Birth

Witnessing the miracle of birth can be magical. Unless its a stingray, this shit reminds me of some kind of scifi movie where aliens are giving birth and a facehugger will jump out of nowhere.

  • ouch December 28, 2015

    Oh no Steve's down!

  • whitechristian December 28, 2015

    Giving birth? Or forced to?

  • marcodufour December 28, 2015

    As seen at Taco Bell.

  • honkie365 December 28, 2015

    Thought that was Rosie O'Donnell for a bit. Much to skinny.

  • bobbabooey December 28, 2015

    Still not as graphic as watching a baby come out of a woman's snatch. A lot of times they shit as the baby's head is about to come out.

  • galtab December 28, 2015

    Steve Irwin IS THE FATER

  • outotown December 28, 2015

    Quick drown it!

  • picklehiesner December 28, 2015

    Looks like a bunch of turtle dicks

  • zedex December 28, 2015

    The Japanese would be putting those in the frying pan and drinking the placenta

  • darksider803 December 28, 2015

    I know some women that I swear are like that.

  • mykejp December 28, 2015

    It's like watching Octomom queefing out her last litter of rugrats.

  • poida December 28, 2015

    Wetback delivering wetbacks

  • dozer67 December 28, 2015

    Live Birth? Stingrays are mammals? I thought they were fish..

  • vaticider December 28, 2015

    Or is it the latest in Japaneses fetish decide..

  • joedumber December 28, 2015

    why do some people feel that animals can't get on without the help of a human beeing? Then again, does anyone have $10,000 i can borrow...

  • longhungwong December 28, 2015

    ^^^ They're going to throw the babies back into the water, use the mother for food. Cow numbers would dwindle if it where not for humans. Same goes for pigs and cows. We have taken over their habitats. Veganism is just that utter bullshit and hypocrisy. Even when you eat vegan you support companies who create animal products. If a vegan wants to feel high and mighty they need to actively do something instead of not eating meat and bitching to people.

  • nybadguy December 28, 2015

    Don't they sting?

  • sbohica December 28, 2015

    @wong, did a hot young vegan recently break ur heart?

  • dracos December 28, 2015

    those guys are going to eat the mother but there's a ray of hope for the young ones

  • longhungwong December 29, 2015

    @sbohica no. i just can't stand them or any sjw type. damned hippies.

  • joedumber December 29, 2015

    @longhungwong...i disagree that they would dwindle, that's not human problem, human problem is feeding themselves.

  • spartan22407 January 4, 2016

    Well, it's harder to cook when they are all inside...SEAFOOD PANCAKES FOR EVERYONE!

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