Man Tries to Save Falling Woman

David G.
20,845 Views 2 years ago

This is new for Asians. Usually you see people get run over and hurt, and nobody stops to help. Not this guy he tried to save a woman who fell from a building. Unfortunately she didn't survive and he ended up with a lot of broken bones.

  •   potrostation December 30, 2015

    Kick your two cock blocking buddies out of the room, and the line of chicks who want to date the girl catching hero.

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  •   nybadguy December 30, 2015

    Tough break. Maybe next time ming.

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  • bobbabooey December 30, 2015

    The Ravens might want to sign him next year. That's better than this year's team roster.

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  • lowdice December 30, 2015

    She wasn't worth catching anyway.

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  •   ouch December 30, 2015

    My ears feel like they need to drink cough medicine after listening to that noise

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  •   picklehiesner December 30, 2015

    So was it a catch or not ? I don't think he maintained control ... Incomplete

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  •   whobe December 30, 2015

    Bet he wont do that again.

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  • galtab December 30, 2015

    What some men will do just to get some pussy

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  • honkie365 December 30, 2015

    Big balls on that man. He did all he could. Sometime that isn't enough.

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  • darksider803 December 30, 2015

    Well At least he tried to help.

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  • fatlarry December 30, 2015


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  • jimmydcap December 30, 2015

    She was traveling at 100 mph lucky he wasn't killed.

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  • joedumber December 30, 2015

    at one second the body is moving at 21mph, and increases 21mph every second, so at 2 seconds it is at 43mph. Seeing the building it probably took about 8 seconds to impact, so the body was traveling 8 times 21mph equals 170mph. Given terminal velocity equals 125mph, but due to the buildings blocking wind currents she probably broke human terminal velocity. The average person weighs 150lbs, not sure if you can catch 150lbs moving at 150 miles per hour, but weight increases with an increase in speed, which means she probably weighed from 300 to 500 lbs maybe more at 150 miles an hour. So he tried to catch a person weighing 400lbs at 150 miles per hour. British were the first to discover the sound barrier in WWII when the plane went into a dive the plane increased in speed due to gravity and blew apart in pieces hence began the race for space.

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  • dracos December 30, 2015

    from the looks of things she wasn't a great catch anyways

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  • eric3533 December 31, 2015

    Impressed and hungry at the same time, does this make me a bad person?

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  • darkcraven December 31, 2015

    guys a boss plain and simple

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  •   whitechristian December 31, 2015

    He said: I seen pussy falling from the sky!

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  • captainanus December 31, 2015


    If terminal velocity is 125mph it's because the body is moving down through the air not air moving toward it. think you are on the wrong track with the weight increase too, you probably mean the potential energy of the falling body increases with the speed not the actual weight of the slitty eyed suicider, anyway he should have given her the yellow meat sausage before she cooled off. Booyaaaa!!!

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  • joedumber December 31, 2015

    ^^^^Oh ok, terminal velocity is caused by air pressure build up as the body moves through the air the air cannot get out of the way fast enough for the body to speed up, so it acts like a brake and movement stabalizes at 125mph in open air like jumping from a plane. Being surround by the surrounding of tall buildings kind of acts like a semivacuum where there is no air currents to create terminal velocity. Kind of like a fan blowing on a pipe where the air inside the pipe is not affected. Yes, the potential energy increases, but you are forgeting that body weight is caused by gravity, if you put something on a scale and it weighs 20lbs, and then drop it from 10 feet onto the scale the needle on the scale will jump higher than 20lbs. you would have to record it on a camera to get a freeze frame and see at what point the needle of the scale maximizes on will be more than 20lbs. Our normal body weight is a freeze frame on that scale because we are constantly being pulled by gravity. And you got your potential and kinetic energy mixed up too...

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  • joedumber December 31, 2015


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  • joedumber December 31, 2015's another curve ball for ya, strap a scale to the bottom of your feet and stand on the edge of a bed or wall. Jump off the bed or wall and the scale goes to zero while you are falling which means you don't weigh anything...if you can figure that one out i love you too.

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  • dtownjb December 31, 2015

    The ruling on the field stands! Incomplete catch, Player lost control and fumbled on impact! 😈

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  • woodchipper30 December 31, 2015



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  • captainanus January 1, 2016


    Well jumping on a scale and getting a high reading still does not make you heavier, momentum and the potential of the falling slope does that. Jumping off a wall with a scale tied to your feet, yeh the scale reads 0 but that is because both the person and the scale are accelerating at the same speed. The only way you would be lighter is if you shit yourself or your arm/leg/head fell off, or perhaps she had a ping pong ball show to do that afternoon and being whirls out was prepared and her ammunition fell out half way down, in this case mass is a constant. What you are describing is the appearance of mass change not actual mass change.

    I have not researched any of this its just shit we were taught at the school this teminal velocity thing, it's about the soon to be dead gook meeting the air not the air around her moving toward her. Here is my own little curve ball, if the buildings were really close or she decided to commit hari-Kari down a chimney, would she not go slower?

    The booyaaaa was about the little yellow chap putting his little yellow penis into the remains of the little yellow girl, no fuck you meant at all, I love everybody, but not as much as a wank xxx

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  • captainanus January 1, 2016

    Being "a whirls out" , should have read... being a Girl Scout. Sorry if I offended any whirls out anywhere, whatever that is.

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  • daweedsmoker March 14, 2017

    fuck them it'll be cooler if he died too

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