Accident Compilation

David G.
15,232 Views 1 year ago

Some serious WTF accidents in this compilation and some normal every day crashes. In one of these clips a car catches fire after a crash while the driver of the other vehicle flies out the window. Then there are some cars who end up jumping for no apparent reason.

  • crazyvet January 8, 2016

    They drive like my 16 year old grandson.

  • whitechristian January 8, 2016

    Must of been texting.

  • whobe January 8, 2016

    Love the guy hanging out of the windshield trying to fix the truck before it came to a stop.

  • kingjoa January 8, 2016

    @crazyvet ive started driving since i was 12yr/old.. i say they driving like 8 yr old

  • mykejp January 8, 2016

    Put some wings on that snowmobile.

  • fatlarry January 8, 2016

    What was the deal with the van that looked like the axle got ripped out

  • darksider803 January 8, 2016

    Oh SNAP times 12.....

  • bennyboy19 January 9, 2016

    I hope that baby kid was ok, but not likely.

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