Ackbars Blowing Up Shit

David G.
23,363 Views 1 year ago

Just another day in the Muslim world. Ackbars love to blow up shit when they're taking a break from raping goats. Speaking of which. Germany should stock up on goats. That should take care of the sexual assault problem, but for now we'll just watch this missile assault and ass rape this truck while It blows it up.

  • mrlongshot January 21, 2016

    These rag heads do have some cool toys.

  • crazyvet January 21, 2016

    I guess Allau Akbar means something like "don't shoot, that is ours."

  • mykejp January 21, 2016

    @mrlongshot Yeah, I wanna blow up shit too, preferably Justin Bieber's house.

  • sbohica January 21, 2016

    ^^^^^make sure @maddogs not there hanging out first. He's a VIP and we gotta look out for him.

  • galtab January 21, 2016


  • ouch January 21, 2016

    Rag Head Red Necks

  • vulture January 21, 2016

    that was a great idea blowing up an empty truck

  • belchesfelches January 21, 2016

    If you look close, you can see the red misty spray that used to be the driver. TOW missiles are NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH....unless you're a Putin fanboy who thinks somehow your cast iron T90 is immune to the laws of physics.

  • stenchfart January 21, 2016

    i want one...

  • yeayeayea January 21, 2016

    "I can see his asshole from here"

  • provert January 21, 2016

    Ahmed will never rape someone else's goat again

  • realism January 21, 2016

    Do not under estimate an Akbar with a fucking lawn chair.

  • realtalks January 21, 2016

    What they were really trying to do was immobilize that goat running in the field behind the truck but missed and blew up a fellow ackbar

  • bobbabooey January 21, 2016

    I gotta give this one an "Allahu Akbar." That fig gobbler has a good aim. He must've paid attention in bomb school or something.

  • handsomedevil January 21, 2016

    @ouch i thought the plastic lawn chair was a nice touch.

  • ouch January 21, 2016

    @handsomedevil lol same here dude hahahaha.

  • cheshiregrin January 21, 2016

    Too bad that missile didn't come back on them.

  • truckingman January 21, 2016

    Were did they get a Russian or any type of Laser Guided Missile(s)?

    Confused by their ordinance,

    Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • vaticider January 22, 2016

    Don't thank god, thank America..FUCK YEAH

  • maddog123 January 22, 2016

    We got under two dollar a gallon gas and they got more bang for the buck that's about right.

  • oldrooster January 22, 2016

    @mrlongshot Yes...Cool toys that you and I payed for. Its nice to see that said toys are being put to some good use on some gratuitous overkill.

  • woodchipper30 January 22, 2016


  • maddog123 January 22, 2016

    You no the other night they showed a guy own here bent forward sucking his own dick with a can shoved in his ass replace the can and shove this fucker in your ass and let me see you pull the trigger then we can say the gore is own on crazy shit!!!!!.

  • zdenek6 January 22, 2016

    abraka dabraka :D

  • sylvain January 22, 2016

    Good Shit felicitation allah.

  • redpig January 22, 2016

    God is great Alan, and when you two meet He is gonna ream your arse for eternity

  • jimmydcap January 22, 2016

    Last time you go past the scales when they are open.

  • pirate February 1, 2016

    did that missile stop before detonation

    it looks like it checks if target was right

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