Two For Tuesday: Rear Ended Scooters

David G.
13,226 Views 1 year ago

What he have here are two rear ended scooters by which I mean they're fucked. One because some idiots cut off a car and ended up getting hit from behind. They seem fine but now They're screwed and will have to walk home. The second scooter was leading the cops on a police chase. Now he'll he's screwed and is going to prison where he'll be screwed even more.

  • oathbreaker February 9, 2016

    guy in the 1st video was huntin...he sped up to hit them. i tip my hat, sir

  • jerseygoy5353 February 9, 2016

    Victor! Victor! Victor! Victor! Victor

  • whobe February 9, 2016

    Cool now they have moped seeking missiles.

  • marcodufour February 9, 2016

    The 1st one " Why yooooooooo nooooo seeee my blakkkkkkke right ? "

  • provert February 9, 2016

    A high speed scooter chase you will have better luck taking the cops gun than surviving the chase

  • mykejp February 9, 2016

    Two pussy cycles and three douchebags down. A very productive Tuesday.

  • cellule February 9, 2016

    Stop mopeding! STOP MOPEDING!!!

  • sleeko February 9, 2016

    You gotta know, when you drive that fast, you're gonna catch up with some dumb ass.

  • realtalks February 9, 2016

    Great job all around taking those mopeds out

  • rickyragoo February 9, 2016

    hmm, no blood,how disappointing ...

  • truckingman February 9, 2016

    First, both riders got their ASSSES GROUND. Second, the rider got vehicle, asphalt, and MF" ASS POUNDED In one MF" NIGHT!!!!!!

  • mrpoop February 9, 2016

    road rash. Road rash for everyone.

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