Road Rage Fight

David G.
17,070 Views 1 year ago

Gotta learn to pick your battles. I used to road rage with the best of them not long ago. Luckily I never go my ass beat by a couple of guys in a road rage fight just like this guy did.

  • fistermister February 10, 2016

    The fight sucked but it was a whole lot better than Lady Ga-Ga in the Super Bowl.

  • cellule February 10, 2016

    Whoever get his ass beaten deserves the beating.

  • whobe February 10, 2016

    He might have got kicked in the face a few times but he didn't get his ass beat.

  • rickyragoo February 10, 2016

    looked more like a bitch fight...

  • mykejp February 10, 2016

    Next time, he should learn to control his temper.

  • truckingman February 10, 2016

    All of this SHIT over MF" what?

  • bobbabooey February 10, 2016

    I can't tell what happened because I'm seasick.

  • nybadguy February 11, 2016

    I bet they gave the cops his plate # because he got roughed up.

  • sbohica February 11, 2016

    How many will @whitechrist dog on in the am.

  • peaks February 11, 2016

    Lame shit.

  • whitechristian February 11, 2016

    That guy doing the kicking reminds my of Rock-n-Ron kicking the shit out of @bohica when he tries to refuse his special cream.

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