Moped Deaths & Fashionable Underwear

There is a lesson to be learned from watching moped deaths on crazyshit and that is sometimes helmets don't do a damned thing. Most importantly is that you should always wear clean fashionable underwear. I'd be embarrassed if I ended up on a death video on this site wearing my usual underwear with holes in them. Sure you'll get some blood on them but do you have the guts to be caught wearing some with shit stains on them?

  • sharkbait February 11, 2016

    3 grown men on one scooter should be under a truck.

  • vulture February 11, 2016

    my mother number 1 rule ... always have clean underwear when you go out

  • rickyragoo February 11, 2016

    that's what drives the price of hamburg down...

  • stenchfart February 11, 2016

    what killed em?

  • yeknom February 11, 2016

    Yeah hey make sure to get a close up of where his organs got squeezed out of his asshole. Great work.

  • yeayeayea February 11, 2016

    Human stupidity + not paying attention. Great camera work by the way.

  • nybadguy February 11, 2016

    I'm sure someone can salvage them panties.

  • whobe February 11, 2016

    With whats left of the three of them they ought to be able to make one good chink.

  • oathbreaker February 11, 2016 doing it right

  • mykejp February 11, 2016

    Those scooters are death magnets.

  • truckingman February 11, 2016

    I wonder whom is at fault for causing this accident the truck driver or the three people on the moped without further evidence, I can not come up with a conclusion on whom is at fault.

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • maddog123 February 11, 2016

    Wonder what kind of bad shit these dudes pulled to deserve this bad ass karma?

  • sealex February 11, 2016

    Last one had his spinal cord pulled out of his ass.... he's gonna feel that in the morning. Well maybe not.

  • vaticider February 11, 2016

    Can I has your stuff?

  • dog66 February 12, 2016

    WHY IN THE HELL aren't we sending mopeds over to the middle east? Let the goatfuckers kill themselves on mopeds?

  • peaks February 12, 2016

    Walk it off wimp!

  • boobles February 12, 2016

    Well, if they didn't have skids in their undies before, they sure as hell do now!

  • cellule February 12, 2016

    Everybody was moped-ridin-iii-iing!!!

  • evilone February 12, 2016

    Camera guy needs to wash his feet. That's just disgusting.

  • ven0m89 February 12, 2016

    Trucking man I'm pretty sure three men on a scooter is a good probabable cause for death.

  • cellule February 12, 2016

    Asians are messy & unefficient, but way cheaper than brake-pads.

  • whitechristian February 12, 2016

    @truckingman....... You should warn people about how dangerous those fucking trucks are.

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