Home Wrecker School Girl Wins A Haircut.

Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes just like this little home wrecking school girl. I mean, I could at least understand when hey do it out of lust but this is pretty common in small South American towns including Mexico. They do it just to be bitches a lot of times it isn't even for money. Its just like a little boy breaking a window out of curiosity. In the end many men end up out of a marriage or even in prison for statutory rape due to these dirtbags.

  • longhungwong February 11, 2016

    I think she got out of this shit pretty easy. I know many women who did a lot worse like and ended up a lot more bloody than this.

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  • iluvkitty February 11, 2016

    i know why the husband fucked that chick.... she is QUIET, Not a beep while getting her ass whoop. winner

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  • vulture February 11, 2016

    that woman needs a pair of sharper scissors

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  • rickyragoo February 11, 2016

    size of the wife vs size of the girlfriend.who would you rather be fucking???

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  • honkie365 February 11, 2016

    Now wait a minute. That girl raped the woman's husband? How did she do that?

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  • yeknom February 11, 2016

    If a woman breaks up a marriage just for fun, that's pretty fucked. But at the same time, if a dude doesn't want his marriage fucked up, he shouldn't be cheating on his wife.

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  • cyberbu11y February 11, 2016

    ^so I take it everyone should just go fuck THEMSELVES???

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  • corruptedsob February 11, 2016

    I would have fucked her too

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  • rockinron February 11, 2016

    let me get this straight. the fat chick didnt fuck her husband enough and bitched alot, so hubby went out and took this little filly for a test ride? so then the fat chick beats the shit outta the little filly and not the husband? wow i can clearly see why they live in a 3rd world culture or mexican trailor park ghetto.

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  • nybadguy February 11, 2016

    Pack your shit honey. We movin to mexico.

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  • oathbreaker February 11, 2016

    @vulture i know man, whod she get them from, ISIS?

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  • mrpoop February 11, 2016

    colombian women are crazy

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  • mykejp February 11, 2016

    This should have happened to Dave's cousins.

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  • aquahollic February 11, 2016

    I believe the name of the most effective punch the threw was the uppercunt

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  • vaticider February 11, 2016

    If the man is looking with his hands and not his eyes there's a reason.

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  • txdo_msk February 12, 2016

    Ah, bitches.

    Can't live with 'em,

    Can't get a 55 gallon drum of hydrochloric acid with raising the suspicions of the local constabulatory.

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  • boobles February 12, 2016

    I'm going to take the higher ground and ignore the misogyny , then point out the obvious fact that it takes two to tango. If a man ends up in prison for statutory rape.... Well, who's dick was in a minor?

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  • oldrooster February 12, 2016

    @rickyragoo My hand sir.

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  • cellule February 12, 2016

    I hate when the video ends before I have a boner.

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  • longhungwong February 12, 2016

    @boobles I beg to differ. It is certainly wrong for an older man to take a minor, but you where a teen at some point so was I. I was pretty grown up at 14 many minors are and they know what their doing. I have never slept with a minor but trust me the do try to seduce. I do however thing women aren't allowed in our society to fully enjoy their sexuality and that is the ONLY thing i will ever agree with feminism. Other than that feminism is a joke.

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  • allcaps February 12, 2016

    I wonder if ouch wonders if what we know what a fag he is..looking back after all these days..but knowing right off the bat in the begning that it,comma he is confused about his or her sexuality...and jerking off a big dildo

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  • allcaps February 12, 2016

    @rockinron ..ron you gotta be more more diplomatic and dignifyed in your replys about home wrecking school girls...they might black mail one of us one day...dont go and ruin it for the rest of us...with you and your ways..

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  • whobe February 12, 2016

    I hate to see what she does to her husband.

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  • allcaps February 12, 2016

    @whobe ..Giggity..

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  • boobles February 12, 2016

    @longhung...not sure what your argument is? I agree there are some cock chasing whores who attempt to seduce men they cry rape. I'm simply saying a mature man should resist temptation from a minor, and if he first... Well, on his own head be it. Where did the argument about feminism come in? Maybe we should take this to P.M. Unless anyone else's interested?

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  • longhungwong February 12, 2016

    not arguing. probably misread me. I agree with everything you just said in in that last pos. If a man does give in yep. he's wrong he should go to jail, if he cheats. he fucked up too. What I'm saying though there is somtimes very sinister things about girls adn women like that. My cousin is all grown up and just as evil as ever.

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  • big_daddy305 February 13, 2016

    The whole lot of you except mrpoop are idiots. This is in Colombia. There is no "statutory rape". The girl is 16+ and is legal to fuck. Unfortunately, she's getting her ass beat because she knew the man was married and still went after him. She's lucky they didn't shave her head and make her wear it bald; like a personal Scarlet Letter. And the real fucked up part is that the husband will probably get a great blowjob out of this instead of a poisoned meal. If that were my daughter, I'd beat her ass for allowing herself to be in this situation, I'd beat the husbands ass for not being a man, dipping in the minor and feeding her to the wolves, and then I'd cut the wife's head clean off. Hit my daughter because you can't fuck your man well enough to keep his dick in his pants? They say that you remain conscious for 20 seconds after decapitation. Well, the last thing you'll see before going to hell is me starting to fuck your headless corpse.

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