White Yuppie To The Rescue

David G.
20,827 Views 2 years ago

We all learned white boys can fight too recently. I would never expect a beta male to kick ass in a fight like this. What's even better it's very nice to see black and white people getting along for a change. I mean not these two but the rest of the black guys cheering him on. Way to go dude!

  • vulture February 12, 2016

    that's 6mins of my life i'll never get back

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  • rickyragoo February 12, 2016

    like watching paint dry...

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  • stenchfart February 12, 2016

    surprised the white boy didn`t receive a cheap-shot

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  • mrpoop February 12, 2016

    Get your hooks in, man

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  • ouch February 12, 2016

    Why are black people so fucking racist?

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  • whitechristian February 12, 2016

    Let the nigger up already.

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  • corruptedsob February 12, 2016

    Their in love

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  • maddog123 February 12, 2016

    There not fighting there fucking in my part of the south if a nigger gets out of line white or fucking black they be eating there GODDAM water melon thru a straw its why we don't have trouble with people like the rest of the country and why our gators are so fat no what I mean

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  • truckingman February 12, 2016

    Should I watch this video?

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  • truckingman February 12, 2016

    ........... All I can say is the guy in the red and white striped shirt sort of handled the situation correctly. I would have started to walk away from the situation when it first happened. Why did I of all curiosity watch this video knowing the content was something I did not want to view.

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  • provert February 12, 2016

    Was that yuppie trying to rape that black guy ???

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  • nybadguy February 13, 2016

    I'm just glad white boy didn't slip saying the "N" word. Would of been a whole different video.

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  • cyberbu11y February 13, 2016

    Fuck bof dem niggaz. Right in the pussy

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  • oldrooster February 13, 2016

    Looks like Waldo found your ass mother fucker

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  • bookertank February 13, 2016


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  • allcaps February 13, 2016

    wow..the racile shit has started with managment

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  • happyjack February 13, 2016

    One of the funniest videos that I've ever seen on this site. The language might not have been great but the message was clear. Hit a woman and you deserve to have your ass beat. Well done.

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  • mykejp February 13, 2016

    You know he deserved that beating when other black guys cheered for the white kid.

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