Gay Elephants Celebrate Gay Marriage

David G.
13,842 Views 11 months ago

Lulz not really silly humans. SJW crowd likes to claim homosexuality runs rampant through the animal kingdom. It really does not. It is to show dominance. There are cases of homosexuality in all animals dogs and even horses.. According to science and keeping out the PC bs. Homosexuality in most species is detrimental to the passing of genes so it is in fact a congenital defect. On the other hand that horse and donkey are pretty damned gay. This is an extra video by popular demand and because I can.

  • sleeko February 19, 2016

    And all the fags are say'n.."See, it's natural"

  • crazyvet February 19, 2016

    Teenagers love to experiment.

  • fistermister February 19, 2016

    Like sand through an hour-glass, so are the days of our lives.

  • cellule February 19, 2016

    Now Dumbo is a full-patch member.

  • honkie365 February 19, 2016

    "Stuck in the middle with you"

  • ouch February 19, 2016

    No wonder there is so much Aids in Africa

  • cyberbu11y February 19, 2016

    Haha.. His junk is in his trunk. Not the trunk trunk the other trunk where there's not really a trunk but a place to deposit spunk... Ahh fuck it.. FAP FAP FAP

  • cyberbu11y February 19, 2016

    They say the camera adds 10 pounds. This bull says fuck it... I'm adding my own 10 pounds

  • picklehiesner February 19, 2016

    I thought they were bears not elephants

  • happyjack February 19, 2016

    In all fairness to the elephant, the males look just like the females from behind other than the 3 foot long dick dragging on the ground behind them.

  • nybadguy February 20, 2016

    +1 happy lol

  • mrpoop February 20, 2016

    we got a new gimp

  • provert February 20, 2016

    Man bob I'm so hornie you look like you're sister

  • mykejp February 20, 2016

    A typical Log Cabin Republicans meeting.

  • nighty February 20, 2016

    If you listen closely you can hear Manny Pacquiao fapping.

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