Road Rage Ends In Wreck

David G.
17,524 Views 2 years ago

That's some fucked up shit right their. This guy has some serious road rage and ends up causing a third vehicle to wreck rear ending the guy he was attacking. I say they both gang up on him and beat him senseless Brazilian street justice style.

  • cellule February 22, 2016

    It's always better to have someone else doing the dirty job.

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  •   crazyvet February 22, 2016

    I hope that fucker in the car that stopped at least lost a leg, and maybe an arm.

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  •   mykejp February 22, 2016

    That's what he gets for DWBAD (Driving While Being A Dick).

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  •   fistermister February 22, 2016

    "OH he's gonna pay for that." Nope you are.

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  •   mrpoop February 22, 2016

    Way to go, ass hole

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  • xizang February 22, 2016

    Now we know who's in the wrong. The real challenge is to figure if anyone's in the right.

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  • tattydaddy February 22, 2016

    HA HA HA...fucktards

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  •   whobe February 22, 2016

    who you gonna beat naw? who you gonna beat naw? who you gonna bet naw?

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  • belchesfelches February 22, 2016

    Typical "Driving while Russian" bullshit.

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  •   rickyragoo February 22, 2016

    the ref showed up a little late...

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  • joedumber February 22, 2016

    why is everything grey???

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  •   provert February 22, 2016

    Damn he lived

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  •   truckingman February 22, 2016

    At first, I thought traffic was slowing down in front on the Road Raging car but when it Suddenly stopped, and the MF" ASSHOLIC MOTHER FUCKER got out of the road raging car. WTMF"AHF? I hope when the MF" ASSHOLIC MOTHER FUCKER got to jail there was a MF" Pissed off Gang Banger or two in the holding cell, so Karma can have her revenge......

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  • realism February 22, 2016

    How about a big karma sandwich, asshole...

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  •   maddog123 February 22, 2016

    Last fucker that tried to pull shit on me and some of my friends on the way back from a beer run got shot in the face so fuck em .

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  •   happyjack February 23, 2016

    @maddog There should be a segment on the wics called "maddogs bucket of bullshit". We'll put all of your bullshit stories in a 5 gallon bucket, put the lid on the bucket and put it in Ouch's cavernous asshole never to be seen or heard again.

    +9 -2
  •   maddog123 February 23, 2016

    99% of my comments are true I leave it up to the reader to weed out my bullshit it keeps me from getting into trouble with the law.because they don't no truth from shit either long as I don't give names or places anyway most of my story's were things that happen many years ago and the law can't do shit to me or my buddys of yesteryear government does monitor these sights you know.

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  •   ouch February 23, 2016

    @happyjack I really don't understand how every post that I haven't even commented on until you do you seem to want to mention my name and bring an insult my way, but since you seem to have such a crush on me I suggest you come over here and lick my feet like a good little coon like your nigger brothers do already.

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  •   oldrooster February 23, 2016

    @joedumber Its Russia.

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  • insanemonkey February 23, 2016

    Damn he fucking missed the douchebag.

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  •   happyjack February 23, 2016

    @ouch you know these are called jokes. When you get too far out of line with your jokes, I just slap you around a little to bring you back to reality.

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  •   rockinron February 23, 2016

    nothing a good solid ass beating can't fix.

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  • tookalook February 24, 2016

    Could you imagine the fucked up shit we would see if North American insurance companies mandated we have dash cams like Russia.

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  • lilsuz April 23, 2016

    Smooth move, Ex~lax!

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  • mr.voorhees March 25, 2017

    Teach you, don't stop in the middle of the highway, cunt.

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