How To Troll An SUV

David G.
13,158 Views 1 year ago

This is how you troll and SUV. Just drive over it and tap the front end of it with your car and watch it roll over on its back like a turtle.

  • mykejp February 24, 2016

    SUV rolling is the new cow tipping.

  • fistermister February 24, 2016

    Good job turning on his turn signal lady, now he has the right-of-way.

  • marcodufour February 24, 2016

    You have the right to spin your wheels, anywhere you go ain`t going to be far.

  • whobe February 24, 2016

    What the hell is wrong with her? Why wasn't she in the kitchen.

  • dfyla February 24, 2016

    Oh no, me so sowwey you rorr ovar.

  • cellule February 24, 2016

    @whobe : You just created the "Question of the week" category for the WICS video!

  • insanemonkey February 24, 2016

    FUCK YEA!!! Was that a Ford Focus. Imma go get me one today!

  • rickyragoo February 24, 2016

    what kind of suv was that,i want to get the wife one...

  • truckingman February 24, 2016

    It look like the white car got an ‘gator, a peeled semi tire tread,’ caught under the white car's driver side tire causing the white car to vere to the right into the SUV.

  • joedumber February 24, 2016

    flip it over and hit the road, pussies...

  • wilbme February 25, 2016

    Most guys have a pick up line.

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