Sun Blinded Biker Crashes

David G.
15,995 Views 11 months ago

Worst thing than traffic is driving around in traffic with the sun in your eyes. I never thought about bikers having the same issue but they do. This guy had the sun in his eyes when he rear ended a car and ended up with some nasty road rash.

  • vulture March 1, 2016

    dick head speeded up when he could'nt see were he's going got what he deserved

  • ugggggggg March 1, 2016

    I'd piss on his bike TO STOP IT BURNING.

  • fistermister March 1, 2016

    Dude, you're one step closer to being a bitch.

  • sirfartsalot March 1, 2016

    Guess slowing down wasn't an option eh? Fucking idiot.

  • chupamiverga March 1, 2016

    Vulture, I was thinking the same exact thing. The sun got in my eyes many times so I would definitely slow down or look for another route.

  • captjim March 1, 2016

    Oh, that's why they make sun visors for motorcycle helmets....

  • lolpwned March 1, 2016

    Retard, if you can't see just keep accelerating right? Morons like this are why emergency room workers call rice-rocket riders organ donors.

  • cellule March 1, 2016

    Someone respawned in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Fuck GTA.

  • mrpoop March 1, 2016

    Sun of a bitch

  • mykejp March 1, 2016

    He should have invested in better sunglasses.

  • insanemonkey March 1, 2016

    i wonder how many flips he did...?

  • ouch March 1, 2016


  • whobe March 1, 2016

    I guess it hurts where the Sun don't shine.

  • cyberbu11y March 1, 2016

    When pulling over and waiting 15 min is just not an option

  • rickyragoo March 1, 2016

    that`s one way to go from a 2 wheeled 1 seater ,to a 4 wheeled 1 seater...

  • eric3533 March 1, 2016

    Ride or die brah, lol.

  • boobles March 1, 2016

    He went for it on the roly- polys!!

  • provert March 1, 2016

    I hope that he removed himself from the gene pool

  • maddog123 March 1, 2016

    Does kitty want some milk

  • aquahollic March 1, 2016

    sounded like he was accelerating too.... not a good plan

  • sbohica March 1, 2016

    Hey Cartman. Wud u sperm on him while ur at it?

  • vaticider March 1, 2016

    Ouch.....not you...

  • ven0m89 March 2, 2016

    That's why I ride with tinted visors fuck that but it's a bitch at night.

  • oldrooster March 2, 2016

    My helmet has a sun visor that flips down. My previous one did not. In fact it was a fucking snow mobile helmet with a scratched up visor. I would ride home in the mornings after work on Rt30 around 5 30 AM with the sun in my face. The only vehicles on the road were truckers. Im actually suprised that I didnt end up in one of these videos as a trail of guts and muscle tissue.

  • rockinron March 2, 2016

    good thing it was in the country or some nig woulda stole the camera and the dudes wallet and shoes

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