Suicide By Train Fail

David G.
23,897 Views 1 year ago

This lady has made some terrible life decisions. Her first one was worshiping Allah. Second one was trying to suicide by train. She failed though and all she got was her legs and arms amputed. Talk about being a total trainwreck.

  • marcodufour March 3, 2016

    At least dip your cock in the wet end..... wet endssss....

  • bananahammock March 3, 2016

    Not one person in the crowd has any sympathy.

  • cellule March 3, 2016

    Is the train OK? These things are expensive, you know.

  • boobles March 3, 2016

    On the funny side, she looks like she's wearing Tarzan's loincloth..... On a serious note, not one of those fuckers gonna help her? Wtf?

  • wardo56 March 3, 2016

    The pigmentally impaired cant do anything right

  • ouch March 3, 2016

    @boobles What do you expect from these cunts? If it was a guy the entire place would erupt with crying but since it is only a female it doesn't matter, they treat their women like shit over there

  • wifebeater2000 March 3, 2016

    ala verga !!!!

  • mykejp March 3, 2016

    Can someone lend her a knife, so she can finish herself off?

  • stenchfart March 3, 2016

    they should alan snackbar her ass and cut her head off

  • rickyragoo March 3, 2016

    just shoot her...

  • maddog123 March 3, 2016

    That's a fucking mess!!!

  • cyberbu11y March 3, 2016

    Well at least she wasn't a German shepherd that didn't pass a backgrounds test

  • truckingman March 3, 2016

    I fear for her life. I do not know what the cultural view on triple amputees are in her country.

  • nybadguy March 3, 2016

    Bitch better pray the next train is on time.

  • mrpoop March 4, 2016

    She can now change Her name to Eileen Falafel

  • mykejp March 4, 2016

    @nybadguy And that train's arriving soon.

  • rockinron March 4, 2016

    you thought life sucked before bitch, guess what, it just got worse!!!!

  • celtickhan March 4, 2016

    tough woman. watching her try to get up was incredible. no way that was suicide though. I agree with Ouch only adding she was thrown under by her husband.

  • ozzi March 5, 2016

    Hmm where are we? (3 seconds inn) ahhh dirkaland! Yeah well, I can't blame that bitch for at least trying to commit suicide living in that shithole coming home to a sand hut.

  • mr.voorhees March 25, 2017

    Omg, just walk it off Fatma.

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