Brave Woman Stops Robber

David G.
14,245 Views 1 year ago

Damn this tiny woman has some huge balls for her size. Some idiot 17 year old kid decided to rob her at gun point but this unlikely hero took matters into her own hands and fought off the thief like a boss. You go gurrrrl!

  • blueboy1 March 4, 2016

    That hammer should have connected his head.

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  • ouch March 4, 2016

    If I had a hammer,

    I'd hammer in the morning,

    I'd hammer in the evening,

    All over this land,

    I'd hammer out danger,

    I'd hammer out a warning,

    I'd hammer out love between,

    My brothers and my sisters,

    All over this land

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  • edrich March 4, 2016

    She realised it one of the toy guns from aisle 6.

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  • ugggggggg March 4, 2016

    @Ouch Ty! NOW that songs in my head!!!!

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  • ugggggggg March 4, 2016

    Can't touch this! De na na na! Can't touch this! De na na na!

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  • yeknom March 4, 2016

    I understand being pissed off at some punk kid trying to steal your shit, but she could have been shot right in the chest or face so easily if the kid didn't turn out to be a huge pussy. Maybe brave, but she's also lucky she isn't dead now.

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  • whobe March 4, 2016

    I like the 3 stooges move to the eyes. You go girl "Hammer Down"!

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  • ouch March 4, 2016

    @yeknom Nar bro, He's white so it's a 70/30 bet so the odds are in his favor

    +4 -2
  • cyberbu11y March 4, 2016

    @yeknom.. Ever had a gun pulled on you before? ( probably not). But the first thing you always look for is where the trigger finger is resting. Notice how he holds the pistol full fisted around the handle. She obviously had guns pulled on her before and noticed that and took the opportunity while she had it. Not saying it was safe but she definitely pulled that dudes bitch card

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  • cyberbu11y March 4, 2016

    Lol.. I actually thought this was a repost but then realized I saw this shit the other day on the news

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  • provert March 4, 2016

    Fuck the gun I'm more afraid of a claw hammer in a pissed womens hands

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  • fistermister March 4, 2016

    I would have shoot her just for GP.

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  • cellule March 4, 2016

    Her husban is a taliban so she have guns aimed at her everyday by much more of a coward pussy than this little boy.

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  • mykejp March 4, 2016

    STOP....HAMMER TIME!!!!!

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  • nybadguy March 4, 2016

    Brave woman but not to bright.

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  • rickyragoo March 4, 2016

    he should have smashed her in the face to flatten out that nose a little more...

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  • truckingman March 4, 2016

    ““BRING THE (MF") HAMMER DOWN!!!!!!””

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  • vaticider March 4, 2016

    As stupid as some of us white people can be, were not as stupid as some people.

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  • ozzi March 5, 2016

    Hmmm. She was all keen for her curry tonight. She wasn't going to let a pussy thief get inn her way of that curry! Good for her.

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  • rockinron March 6, 2016

    hooked on bong hits worked for her! she must be nuts or stoned to take a hammer to a gun fight

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  • mr.voorhees March 25, 2017

    That wasn't brave, that's fucking dumb. If he was the "worng" guy, killed her with a shot in her face etc.

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