Final Destination isis edition

Big Jeff
18,704 Views 11 months ago

Some days you're the dog, and some days your the hydrant. Today this little akbar was the whole damn block of hydrants. I'm sure the death of a sedan felt 10x worse than a bullet to the head so I'm ok with your transportation to Allah.

  • fistermister March 5, 2016

    Was that supposed to happen?

  • provert March 5, 2016

    The driver was late to the rape convention

  • cellule March 5, 2016

    Russian balistic missile adapted for ISIS.

  • oldrooster March 5, 2016

    Ten points for Acmed.

  • truckingman March 5, 2016

    Who was driving the 'Sedan' a US operative, repressed local, running late jihadist?

  • cellule March 6, 2016

    I'm not sure if a ISIS suicide car bombing is in fact more dangerous than the usual asian dumbfuck riding his moped.

  • rickyragoo March 6, 2016

    well at least the postal service is the same everywhere...

  • rockinron March 6, 2016

    when you're in a hurry to get to alans snack bar it dont matter who the fucks in the way.

  • goodster March 6, 2016

    Bullet Skipping Championships are really heating up this year. Just like back in the day on the lake. I counted at least a five skipper.

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