Shocking Experience Crossing The Street

I think this old lady just a gained a year or two of life crossing the street. It was a shocking experience but when that truck knocked over the power line she ended up dancing to the flying sparks. Not only did she get more exercise than she had gotten in years. I'm sure her heart got a jump start from the electricity flowing through her.

  • marcodufour March 9, 2016

    Not sure about gaining a year or two but she certainly lost a pound or two....

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  •   crazyvet March 9, 2016

    I would like to see her figure out how all he groceries are already cooked when she gets home.

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  • bennyboy19 March 9, 2016

    Show this dude how to edit a video

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  • boobles March 9, 2016

    They're not exactly pedestrian friendly in this country!

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  •   picklehiesner March 9, 2016

    Dance bitch

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  •   sbohica March 9, 2016

    Yeah motherfucker!!! What he said.

    +2 -2
  •   whobe March 9, 2016

    I couldn't get a close up but I thinks she's hot.

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  •   mykejp March 9, 2016

    Are you sure she didn't say SHAZAM?

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  •   rickyragoo March 9, 2016


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  •   rockinron March 9, 2016

    there's fucktards all over the world, sbohica is the local fucktard in this part of the world.

    +4 -6
  •   truckingman March 9, 2016

    She was VERY MF" LUCKY those lines where carrying, one hurdred ten voltage at low amperage, the traffic light signals. Why did the driver or the second truck leave their crane in an operational position instead if properly securing it in the stowed position?

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  •   nybadguy March 9, 2016

    Trippy man

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  •   maddog123 March 9, 2016

    I no that feeling I was drunk at dudes house and smoked up and for some reason I went from shit faced stoned to full retard and what I thought was a fucking wall urianal was actually a fucking electric wall heater,my fucking pubic hair has yet to grow back right looks like I got a Maggie dick lost all the curl to it .

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  • vaticider March 9, 2016


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  •   maddog123 March 9, 2016

    What the fuck is a Maggie dick what the fu ck

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  • stoli March 9, 2016

    The guy in that car said" What are you fucking retarded driving around with that fucking fuck up?"

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  •   sbohica March 10, 2016

    Ron, u claim to be an elected official, u also claim to be a millionaire. Who is Ron but a cock sucking faggot! $20 is $20. That's a lot of skull fucking to make it to a million.

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  • cellule March 10, 2016

    A scene from FLash-dance?

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  •   maddog123 March 10, 2016

    If you can smoked weed at least once a week drink get a blow job every now again roof over your head don't live near niggers or Mexicans your fucking rich .

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  • insanemonkey March 10, 2016

    only in Russia they have poppers that are waaayy stronger.

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  •   provert March 10, 2016

    Better than the electric slide the rednecks do

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  •   oldrooster March 10, 2016

    Why shocker when you can spocker?

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  •   handsomedevil March 10, 2016

    *sings irreverently* "we're going to walk down to electric avenue, and then we'll take you higher."

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  •   rockinron March 10, 2016

    @sbohica it dont matter how nice you are to me dude, i still am not going to let you suck my dick. give it up.

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