Katt Williams vs. School Boy

David G.
18,490 Views 1 year ago

Katt Williams is one funny motherfucker and is always getting into shit. I never thought I'd end up seeing getting his ass whooped by a school kid though. Too be fair Katt is almost a midget and the kid is bigger than him. Still this celebrity just can't fight.

  • fistermister March 24, 2016

    It's pretty sad you can do public service without having a 15 year old Chicken nugget eating motherfucker trying to sucker you out of what little money you have, or to try to be famous. You guys want to talk about what a Nigger is? That's a motherfucking Nigger!

  • sbohica March 24, 2016

    Where's his possee? His entourage? Is he MC Hammer broke already? Damn..

  • tattydaddy March 24, 2016

    Lol...fucking guy looks like he'd smell like a turd and an ashtray.

  • handsomedevil March 24, 2016

    he finally did something funny

  • joedumber March 24, 2016

    huh? I missed it, whyat happened?

  • crazyvet March 24, 2016

    Another black lives matter video.

  • whobe March 24, 2016

    There is not much to thank my parents for but if there is one think I could think of its for being white.

  • belchesfelches March 24, 2016

    Kat weighs all of 110 lbs...what's so special about beating his ass?

  • txdo_msk March 24, 2016


  • nucnfuts March 24, 2016

    and katt is who????

  • rockinron March 24, 2016

    just a nobody getting his ass kicked by a kid. for being a dipshit bragging about how hard he is .

  • captianchaoz March 24, 2016

    Code red Donna, pimp in distress...

  • nybadguy March 24, 2016

    He's on drugs. There is a few videos on the web of him acting weird. Typical negrow. He makes it out of poverty and will lose it to drugs or spending it all on cars.

  • ouch March 24, 2016

    How very Black of you

  • cellule March 24, 2016

    If I consider the statistics instead of the simple fack they're niggers, will my attitude still be called racism?

  • stalin March 24, 2016

    Should've grabbed the kids balls with pliers

  • dozer67 March 24, 2016

    I just stay away from kids these days,safer that way.

  • maddog123 March 24, 2016

    These jungle people don't no how to act they communicate by fucking rubbing there dicks fighting there not even trying look how they wear there pants and there so called English iza or iza or iza goings to eaats me a wabamelon yaz sir yaz sir iza loves me sums pussy Han me sums baby's. And get on foob stamps.wise the fuck up idiots people are fed up with the black death.

  • dracos March 25, 2016

    katts you a little pussy?

  • happyjack March 25, 2016

    I've never really cared for Kat. But being a bigger guy I've never really cared for loud mouthed little guys. But he's strung out for sure. probabky hear about him dying or going to prison soon.

  • mykejp March 25, 2016

    He's definitely on something.

  • maddog123 March 25, 2016

    He's on crack that's why he's down there all fucked up and feeling his roots. But being stupid is what he's doing I've seen that look before on his face the eyes I'm around this shit all the time so I know that look when there strung out on it.and no happy I don't smoke crack I don't do any drugs just weed!!!

  • maddog123 March 25, 2016

    And cold beer and whiskey.

  • ih8boston March 25, 2016

    Try putting that bitch out in your act...

  • ouch March 25, 2016

    No one cares! blacks being blacks

  • rockinron March 25, 2016

    @ouch in this case nigs being nigs

  • nickia March 25, 2016

    Damn. Don't do that

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