Irish Dad Trolls Son

David G.
17,725 Views 11 months ago

I don't think college will be in this kid's future but his dad sure could have been a comedian. Just watch him troll his son as he tries to start a vacuum cleaner like its a lawnmower. His dad plays a long and trolls him as he walks him through it.

  • whobe April 7, 2016

    Do us all a favor and try to keep him in the basement and never let him drive a car.

  • chupamiverga April 7, 2016

    How disconnected form reality can you get?!?! what a fuckin retard. I don't wanna hear shit that he's only a kid, common sense should have taken over even if he was only 5. Cut the dads dick off so he can't make any more dipshits like this.

  • mrpoop April 7, 2016

    Don't blame the kid, he hasn't had his morning whiskey yet

  • airsporter April 7, 2016


    Most couldent identify from which vegetable their 'Fries' came from.

  • vulture April 7, 2016

    he did well just to get him to touch a cleaner

  • cellule April 7, 2016

    Hey, numb-nuts, this thing sucks.. Does it ring a bell?

  • picklehiesner April 7, 2016

    Surprised he didn't just google how to start it. Fuckin kids today can't figure out which way is up without their phone.

  • corruptedsob April 7, 2016

    I'd like to see "the bird's and the bee's " walk through

  • belchesfelches April 7, 2016

    See that, my fellow Irishmen?! When we're sober we come up with some good shit!!

  • truckingman April 7, 2016

    Just shaking his head at todays technological grip on society, .......

  • joedumber April 7, 2016

    future dumbass

  • dracos April 7, 2016

    someone was born with a umbilical cord around the neck

  • mykejp April 7, 2016

    If children are our future, we're so fucked.

  • rockinron April 8, 2016

    i bet daddy has him pull on his wang and tells him thats the only way he gives out allowance.

  • tattedntastele April 9, 2016

    Looks like Connor MacGregor teaching Jose Aldo how to fight

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