Man Locks His Wife Up Underground For 8 Months

David G.
43,284 Views 11 months ago

This insane man locked up his wife underground for 8 months and feed her twice a week. A voodoo witch doctor advised him that if he would bury his wife underground he would become a rich man.

  • dozer67 April 8, 2016

    A good way of making this fat ass loose some weight.

  • mykejp April 8, 2016

    Can't get rich while in the slammer, now he'll get locked up.

  • vaticanvomit April 8, 2016

    What a douche. Not the man. You dozer. You.

  • sirfartsalot April 8, 2016

    Well she will be happy to return to the kitchen I'd wager.

  • fistermister April 8, 2016

    I don't get it. Is it wrong doing that?

  • whobe April 8, 2016

    She'll never complain about making a sandwich again.

  • xizang April 8, 2016

    Hey, sometimes a guy has to go to extremes to stop her snoring. A man needs his sleep, you know.

  • irritable_cunt April 8, 2016

    Did he get rich?? Might go see my local witch doctor!

  • vulture April 8, 2016

    the first thing she did was check out her facebook account

  • blumpkin April 8, 2016

    Looks like it didn't put the lotion on it's skin or get the hose again.

  • urwifemykidz April 8, 2016

    Did he lock her up with a bunch of crystal meth??.. She looked tweaked!!

  • nybadguy April 8, 2016

    typical black man looking for free money without working.

  • mrpoop April 8, 2016

    A blood sacrifice would have made him a rich man, not that stupid shit.

  • boofano April 8, 2016

    @dozer67 It's spelled lose ,,,, the only thing loose is your boyfriends ass hole ...

  • truckingman April 8, 2016


  • maddog123 April 8, 2016

    Should of just shut the door back that sammich maker is broken!!!

  • txdo_msk April 8, 2016

    I need a witch doctor to get rid of all the fucking black bars and censor squiggles on my screen...

  • cellule April 9, 2016

    It's about time to empty that septic tank.

  • tattedntastele April 9, 2016

    That's not dirt on the floor, no, that's 8 months of ashiness!

  • rockinron April 9, 2016

    there once was a hermit named dave, he kept his whore in a cave. he had to admit she stunk like shit and to fuck her he had to be brave.

  • el_chingon April 9, 2016

    Stupid nigger!

    The witch doctor meant get rid of her and collect the insurance money!!

  • joedumber April 9, 2016

    She should try dating a loner looser next time..

  • dozer67 April 9, 2016

    Oh my fucking god this is as much fun as my dead dog comment Fuck you too @vaticanvomit,& @boofano... lol you people are so easy.

  • hell5x5x February 28, 2017

    She is MENTALLY RETARD for SURE........Her Brain WOrks like a DOG now

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