Weekend Partying

David G.
29,796 Views 10 months ago

We all have our own ways of partying. Some people like to slide in the mud and land under a stream of pee. Nothing like a free golden shower. Some people like this Mexican like to bury their face in cocaine. Waste a lot of it and keep on snorting. Echeze un desenpanse compa!

  • crazyvet April 9, 2016

    Just when you think you have seen about everything.

  • whobe April 9, 2016

    Had to be a lot of cut in that shit.

  • marcodufour April 9, 2016


  • marcodufour April 9, 2016

    ^^^^ the guy sliding under the pissing woman i mean.

  • tattedntastele April 9, 2016

    He came outta that mud pit golden brown. And the other guy was on a white power trip!

  • fistermister April 9, 2016

    Party like the Cartel's after you.

  • rockinron April 9, 2016

    the street value of taht dude's shirt had to be atleast 3-4 thousand bucks.

  • corruptedsob April 9, 2016

    Both dudes are vacuum cleaners

  • mrpoop April 9, 2016

    He looks like a powdered doughnut

  • happyjack April 9, 2016

    He's from Mexicoke

  • mrdrip April 9, 2016

    I bet the japanese also have a word for sneaking under a woman when she's peeing and getting golden showered without her consent

  • belchesfelches April 9, 2016

    You MIGHT have a drug problem if....

  • mykejp April 9, 2016

    We had better mud at Woodstock '94. That coked up guy looked like he had powdered makeup slapped on him.

  • nybadguy April 9, 2016

    He was double dipping the white. Nose then lips haha. El greedo.

  • oldrooster April 9, 2016

    Ha. I use that same trick to get chicks to piss on my face at wall mart.

  • sealex April 10, 2016

    Dave, I think you ment to say "échate un PASE carnal" Desenpanse means you need an Alka Seltzer. He did probably die considering he more than likely got that in Mexico before they cut it up 10 times.

  • longhungwong April 10, 2016

    @sealex depends on where you're at. If your in Houston or LA you're right If you're in Nuevo Leon Mexico than I expressed myself just right. By the lingo in the vido Its safe to safe those guys are from Nuevo Leon

  • dog66 April 10, 2016

    chingala no es problema!

  • blartfart April 10, 2016

    Fucking puts Al Pacino to shame with that much coke.

  • failure101 April 10, 2016

    I'll wrestle that coke head like a bear in the mud lol

  • ih8boston April 12, 2016


  • sternbeating September 11, 2016

    These guys have leveled up in the game of life.

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