Old Man Is Beheaded By Young Punk

David G.
34,670 Views 11 months ago

I don't know what this old man could have possibly have done to deserve being beheaded by a young punk in a ski mask. If he would have waited a couple more years he would have died on his own. Brazil is one crazy place.

  • ugggggggg April 10, 2016

    FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( R.I.P. old fella :(

  • fistermister April 10, 2016

    In the name of love and peace, believe you me, this hurts me more than it hurts you.

  • rockinron April 10, 2016

    well atleast he got to hang around 60-70 years before some dumb ass did him in.

  • tbcxtc April 10, 2016

    i hope hell is worst then they make it seem to be....fuck this animal.

  • tattedntastele April 10, 2016

    Hey old man! Wanna play dodgeball? Great! You can be the ball!

  • nybadguy April 10, 2016

    Use gloves. The fuck is wrong with you.

  • corruptedsob April 10, 2016

    Brutal shit right there

  • whobe April 10, 2016

    We can only hope the punk gets worse.

  • mrpoop April 10, 2016

    That took care of his high blood pressure

  • mykejp April 10, 2016

    When did ISIS get to Latin America?

  • cellule April 10, 2016

    Buy our new set of super-machettes but wait! Call within next 15 minutes and get a super turbo-mop for FREE!

  • realtalks April 10, 2016

    You would think by now they would invest in a blade sharpener

  • happyjack April 10, 2016

    I want to punt the young guy in the head just for the weird look in his eyes.

  • cyberbu11y April 10, 2016

    They were Asian

  • dozer67 April 10, 2016

    How hard is it to cut a 90 y/o mans head off? His body is like butter...

  • dracos April 10, 2016

    yep, definitely not Brazil. looks like Pacific Asia

  • maddog123 April 10, 2016

    Now I no what cut of meat there using on them new burger king hot dogs.

  • picklehiesner April 10, 2016

    Wtf is wrong with people

  • truckingman April 10, 2016

    I have noticed in most of this "Beheading" videos, except that quick execution video http://m.crazyshit.com/cnt/pics/50299-fastest-decapiation-record-holder, that the executioner wants the execution to be the most painful for the condemned that is why the beheading is drawn out.

  • wisebastard April 10, 2016

    Where did he get that watch at? I have to get one for myself

  • fucka April 11, 2016

    ok at this point i'm 100% positive that these people need to gang up on this guys ass and make him suffer these people are Goku, Vegeta, saitama, and most importantly to make him trully go through hell bring in yuno gasai. (watch how brutal and gory future diary is to understand that last person).

  • fucka April 11, 2016

    ok i take that back the first 3 would kill him instantly we need yuno gasai, every single female character from higurashi when they cry and yea bring all those people in he will get no more and no less than what he deserves.

  • sbohica April 11, 2016

    ^^^ What the fucka u talking about?

  • rockinron April 11, 2016

    @sbohica your momma.

  • doc_ock April 11, 2016

    Vote for Trump or you could be next

  • mobscure April 13, 2016

    Language spoken is in Indonesia. He's talking something about the police and an organization.

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