A night on the town in Moscow

Big Jeff
19,839 Views 2 years ago

Boris sure knows how to make friends in the bars. They can't stop coming back to see if he's still breathing....in a puddle of cheap beer and blood

  •   whobe April 16, 2016

    The only places he is going to in the future is the hospital and rehab.

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  • cyberbu11y April 16, 2016

    That's what I wanna do to every creep that waits til I get up to take a piss and tries to hit on my bitch

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  • oyster April 16, 2016

    Ohh dammm.. buddy went and purchased a full bottle to smash on his head aswell.

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  • cruiserman April 16, 2016


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  •   toreal April 16, 2016

    Wow white people really?? According to crazyshitters, whites don't jump people or hit them while they are on the ground.

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  • dracos April 16, 2016

    ahhheeeem ! twas one at a time...:)

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  •   corruptedsob April 16, 2016

    That's alcohol abuse

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  •   mrpoop April 16, 2016

    Someone give that man another beer

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  •   truckingman April 16, 2016

    I have hear of some mean drunks but MOTHER FUCKIN" FUCK, THEY WENT MOTHER FUCKIN" MORTAL KOMBAT ON HIS ASS......

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  •   rockinron April 16, 2016

    i love how punk bitch assholes beat the fuck outta a guy so drunk he cant defend himself, then they walk away with their arms raised a little bit like they got huge muscles and act all tuff and puffed up. these little bitch boys probably had their asses handed to them in the past by that guy when he was sober. and knew they couldnt take him unless he was drunk. yeah real tuff , tuff guys.

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  •   whobe April 17, 2016

    @toreal By the way they are dressed they are Germans and that's the way they fight, they gang up on you like niggers do. My son that's in the Air Force found that out the hard way when he was stationed over there.

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  •   ugggggggg April 17, 2016

    The victim should have drank plenty of milk,not spermed for 3 weeks,,THEN as they started the attack,spermed around himself(forming a slippery "protection zone").

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  • ozzi April 18, 2016

    You can rob a bank or steal car. But don't you ever EVER touch a Russians bottle of Vodka. Suka!!

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  • tbcxtc April 18, 2016

    Meanwhile , in Eastern Europe.........

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