Its Alive! Mad Scientists Create Abomination

David G.
27,541 Views 2 years ago

This is some what the fuck shit. Mad scientists create a biological living creature with a modular body. Reminds me of something out of the Re-Animator movies or The Thing. They did use human cells so maybe soon enough they can create a living sex robot out of this. Once you wear out that pussy u can just change it out for a tighter one.

  • breakfastblunt April 20, 2016

    Not payin a dime until it gets a pussy.

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  •   sbohica April 20, 2016

    People are fooled way too easy these days... Plug and play.

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  •   vikingshill April 20, 2016

    My baloney has a first name it's O-S-C-A-R....

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  •   stenchfart April 20, 2016

    I had some chicken wings do that

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  • martinuk April 20, 2016


    what is it with you niggers & chicken wings

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  • oyster April 20, 2016

    See!!!!! Now im fucked

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  •   mrpoop April 20, 2016

    Hit it with an EMP grenade

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  •   potrostation April 20, 2016

    Plug in a mouth and it's fist words will be Kill Me!

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  •   fistermister April 20, 2016

    Let us all not forget what happen when the young Dr. Frankenstein tried pullin' this bullshit.

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  • joedumber April 20, 2016

    try a fly... i wanna see the scientest do something on accident and turn himself into a fly

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  • aquahollic April 20, 2016

    and this is how the borg enslaves us

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  • xizang April 21, 2016

    I'm pretty sure you could do this with a human penis. Those things live forever even after they're cut off. And besides, our penises don't need us as much as we need them.

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  • cellule April 22, 2016

    KFC bought the patent and is expecting to lower the agressions against delivery employees by 75% in gettho areas.

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  •   rockinron April 22, 2016

    if this is real, then God have mercy on our souls. if this is fake, can i get one with a built in flesh light or maybe a wound pussy?

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  • wisebastard April 22, 2016

    remember the AI that searched the internet and went full Nazi in 24 hours.....its only a matter of time before the machine kill all of humanity.......who would blame them......this place is fucked up..........if humans have not got it by now why would another 10,000 years help us out

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  • tbcxtc April 25, 2016

    next up....Humanoid Porn...jokes aside, if this is real...then we are fucked

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  • mr.voorhees March 23, 2017

    Old faker!

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