Moped Accident Leads To Dented Forehead

David G.
13,758 Views 11 months ago

That's a pretty big dent you got on your forehead man, good news is your bike seems to be fine. Somebody at least cover his ass man, why is the cameraman even zooming in on it.

  • sleeko April 21, 2016

    Make sure you get that insurance information, before he dies.

  • mrpoop April 21, 2016

    He was warming up his Mr Miyagi hands to heal himself

  • fistermister April 21, 2016

    Total fucking blockhead.

  • fatlarry April 21, 2016

    Yep its dented

  • whobe April 21, 2016

    I believe he is saying the truck hit him in the ass so hard he doesn't have any feeling in his left arm.

  • stenchfart April 21, 2016

    shitty camera man

  • pizzapie April 21, 2016

    His last words : "I don't need no stinkin helmet"

  • truckingman April 21, 2016

    The victim has a FUCK right Frontal lobe. Did he hit his head on the MF" Handle bars or the MF" Road? Also was the camera man a MF" ASSMAN? I was starting to believe the camera man was by the fact he was always panning back to the victims MF" ASS Road Rash......

  • cellule April 22, 2016

    ..and dent he dies happy for ever and ever?

  • rouge_et_blanc April 22, 2016

    There you are proves my point that they ride worse when they are awake! (see vid of asleep asian on a moped)

  • rockinron April 22, 2016

    no more taco bending for this reo grande pedestrian

  • mr.voorhees March 23, 2017

    Yes, wash ya hands in ya own blood, no helmet? Lot of pain anymore.

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