The Kung Fu Master

  • sealex April 6, 2005

    C'mon crazy shit...this is not what I came here to are getting lazy. What the hell is this? It's not funny, strange, or nasty. We need some sick shit... I'll be back later today to see if there is anything good.

  • rockybalboa April 6, 2005

    What do we got here Midget fu? Or Tiny do? Maybe it´s some sort of Crapo'eira. G.d. >:-)

  • naughty_samara April 6, 2005

    LOL...i think its funny.

  • Jesse U. April 6, 2005

    Take A Chill, Hombre. It's only the first video of the day.

    Are you at your prime first thing in the mornin? Prob not.

  • vanilla_cream April 7, 2005

    The only thing he is master of is bation.

  • greenbeanr April 12, 2005

    your kung fu no good

  • godman October 5, 2005

    that is great shit

  • belgarath February 14, 2006

    Dyslexia Kung Fu, you kick your own ass in the head.

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