Hey there's a penny under there

Big Jeff
15,030 Views 10 months ago

What the fuck man. That's a hell of a way to for sure way to take yourself out. Imagine falling too far under it and being one of those assholes that just get cut in half and still live for about 20 minutes.

  • donunderstan April 30, 2016

    I was gonna do that if Grand Master Jay didn't figure it out. THANKS MASTER JAY! ALLAH hu AKjay!

  • fistermister April 30, 2016

    'CUT' do it all over guys, Didn't get a clear shot.

  • truckingman April 30, 2016

    Well he did have MF" QUICK DEAD...

  • rockinron April 30, 2016

    suicide, making the gene pool stronger everyday!

  • sbohica April 30, 2016

    ^^^Why dont u make it stronger and join him, u fucking redneck trash!

  • nybadguy April 30, 2016

    Can't say i seen that done before. A+ for creativity.

  • eric3533 May 1, 2016

    That must be one lucky penny.

  • burlyfish May 1, 2016

    See a penny pick it up and all day you'll have good luck. Just to bad he never got to the picking it up part

  • handsomedevil May 1, 2016

    was it suicide or did he just lose track?

  • mr.voorhees March 23, 2017

    Cut in 2 like 40 times.

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