Teacher has hit the boiling point

Big Jeff
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I don't blame this teacher a bit. I'm sure it's scary worse now, but even when I was about to graduate the younger kids were un-fucking-bareable. I bet this kid don't act up any more.

  • mrdrip April 30, 2016

    Probably the best lesson he ever taught him, hope he learned from it.

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  • honkie365 April 30, 2016

    The last time he ever tries calling the teacher "daddy".

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  • kilobie April 30, 2016


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  • pizzapie April 30, 2016

    That's what these punk kids need

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  • toreal April 30, 2016

    I support this teacher.

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  • donunderstan April 30, 2016

    I could do without the "N" word nigger.

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  • fatlarry April 30, 2016

    Will that teacher be ran thru the ringer and fired for using the n-word

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  • fistermister April 30, 2016

    They need to make a new movie, 'Children of The Cornbread'.

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  • happyjack April 30, 2016

    As usual big Jeff is throwing some bullshit out there without really thinking about it. The "teacher" is probably the white guy at the beginning of the video. My common sense tells me this was probably an after school meeting with the kid, his father, and the teacher. The father is the one jacking the kid up. I could be wrong, just makes more sense.

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  • corruptedsob April 30, 2016

    Learning the bird's and the bee's has really changed since I've been in school

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  • xizang April 30, 2016

    I fucked with a study hall teacher once. I found out later that he put himself through teacher's college working summers as a lumberjack. Needless to say I gave that teacher a whole lot of respect after that.

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  • sbohica April 30, 2016

    @happy, I read it was an enforcement officer but cud be another situation. I dont know what the solution is. It starts at home but goddamn, kids are fuckin punkass, smartmouth bitches these days!

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  • truckingman April 30, 2016

    Happyjack if take is the student's father, the father might have been charged with child endangerment. On the other hand Fatlarry, the teacher was FIRED for Aussalt of a Student. I do agree that the student need a lesson of respecting your elders...

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  • nybadguy April 30, 2016

    Samual l jackson strikes again.

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  • realism April 30, 2016

    Is it any wonder that negroes are so violent? They are taught violence early and often and the tradition continues.

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  • happyjack April 30, 2016

    @sbohica could be.

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  • oldrooster May 1, 2016

    Apology not accepted.

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  • eric3533 May 1, 2016

    Hell yeah, whoop that kids ass.

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  • maddog123 May 1, 2016

    Had a teacher take me another boy out in the hall for a good paddle on the ass he used one of those big fuckers with the holes drilled in it.the boy I was with went first it was his first ever beating and he was already fucking crying loud, teacher told him to stay bent over or the paddle might miss and hit him else where. But sure as shit soon as he swung the boy stood straight up and the teacher hit him square in the back and to all of our surprise it fucking broke his back. I never got my whooping and dumb shit got him a brand new wheel chair.for the rest of his life!!!

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  • maddog123 May 1, 2016

    True fucking story.

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  • handsomedevil May 1, 2016

    Lol at happyack's over-rationalizations. this is just more black-on-blak violence. the old man called him "nigga," for pete's sake.Rofflz some of you gents slay me xD

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  • silkdashocker1 May 1, 2016


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  • happyjack May 1, 2016

    @handsomedevil you haven't been the same since VV slapped you around a bit. Over rationalization would be me going into depth on why you think you are an "urban" expert and black chick slayer, only to get your ass handed to you by the ONLY black chick on this website. That's something we could pick apart and go into. Where are you from anyway Minnesota or something? Urban expert.....just because you beat off to ebony porn and watch BET doesn't make you an urban expert. LMFAO. Let's do this, come on urban on urban crime.

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  • breakfastblunt May 1, 2016

    @happyjack Come on, don't give my state a bad rap. Lol.

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  • ih8boston May 2, 2016

    Beat downs with Mr. Cooper!

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  • handsomedevil May 2, 2016

    urban expert??? how douchey is that?Lmao i never claimed to be an expert on anything. and i'm from a southern, california desert town that is a 45 minute drive away from the city of los angeles; matter of fact, where i live, is now playing host to the most cheapest housing for government subsidized households, which means, that my town gets the worst of the worst from all of l.a. county. i just call it like i see it. and i love all porn; and i don't necessarily beat off to porn, i just rather enjoy watching it. and i don't have cable, so bet doesn't exist for me. you got me read all wrong.Lmao

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  • thairish13 February 21, 2017

    Its a shame to think he probably lost his job over this. Teachers lives matter.

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