Two For Tuesday: Chick Fights

David G.
20,683 Views 10 months ago

Two for Tuesday involves a couple of chick fights. One I wish I hadn't seen involving two beached whales fighting for domination and then we have another one that turns me on. Some of you racist bastards here wouldn't enjoy it but I enjoy a nice fat ass in a thong no matter what color it is.

  • belchesfelches May 3, 2016

    DAYUM! DID YOU SEE TH ... oh shit...why's my floor shaking???

  • zahnfee May 3, 2016

    Battle of the giants and lame hair pull... not that exciting at all.

  • bananahammock May 3, 2016

    That first lady is dishing out some parental advice.

  • picklehiesner May 3, 2016

    Why don't dudes pull hair it seems so effective

  • wifebeater2000 May 3, 2016

    that nigger twat stench made the other ape pass out

  • cruiserman May 3, 2016

    Always niggers fighting....just like the monkeys

  • whobe May 3, 2016

    Last one wasn't a fight that was a Lesbo Encounter Of The Dark Kind.

  • nybadguy May 3, 2016


  • rockinron May 3, 2016

    what no sheboon tittys? i feel cheated!

  • truckingman May 3, 2016

    Is there a difference between a cat fight and a MF" BITCH FIGHT? It is getting hard to tell the two a part these days.

  • mykejp May 3, 2016

    @cruiserman if it were monkeys, they'd throw shit at each other.

  • fistermister May 3, 2016

    You see there, that's the main reason I'm scared to death to have sex with a black woman. If they buck the hips like them rubber dolls yesterday, I'd cum early, and they'll fuck me up.

  • aquahollic May 3, 2016

    no excuse for the lack of titties in these fights

  • junkhunter May 4, 2016

    And people can't understand why negros are the most hated race on earth.

  • pizzapie May 4, 2016

    Women should bring scissors to fights so they can cut themselves free

  • ih8boston May 5, 2016

    The "Chicks" fighting at McDonald's are soon to be looking like the fat cows from the 1st video!

  • cellule May 6, 2016

    Introducing the bran new Niggerpillar D18.

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