The Puppet Master

Jesse U.
13,153 Views 1 decade ago
  • mike8putang April 8, 2005

    i always new that fuck was a puppet ...i wonder witch one of those is iotolahillary aldof cliton?

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  • big bull April 8, 2005

    Being a lifelond Democrat, even I find that funny. Now they need to make one with dubya bush, although the republicans cannot laugh at themselves. Their assholes are so tight with that big stick stuck up there!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

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  • vanilla_cream April 9, 2005

    That is funny as hell, especially since Clinton was such an ass licking, dick sucking, shit for brains man, who let Hillary lead him around by his nose. He had NO BALLS! LMFAO!!!

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  • mike8putang April 9, 2005

    big bull ..r u a conservative or a lib dem it does make a diff..cuz if ur a lib u all dont find anything funny..and iam glad my asshole is tight ..its going to stay that way tell the day i die ..or when i go to my proctologist ( then they can look for my brains as my dem girlfriend says)see i laugh at my self all of the time time but i laugh at you librael dem every day. becuase libs have no idea how the real world works , have no fear of god and usally dont respect others or there believes.but screw seeing w iwant to see both his daughters in some hot sluty lesbo action!!!!!!!!!

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  • muncher25 April 9, 2005

    I seriously need one of those things for Blair.

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  • naughty_samara April 10, 2005

    ROFL!!!!THAT WAS A FUCKIN TRIPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!

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  • inanna_xli April 11, 2005

    that's the funniest thing i've seen in my life.

    hey, mike8, wierd you should say that dems don't have repect for anyone else's view when it the conservative reps that are the biggest bigots that hide behind the bible.

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  • mike8putang April 11, 2005

    ya at one time that was probally true but considering most southern dem were in the kkk and northern lib dem are socailist u cant win or loose and iam not rep but i am conservative on a lot of issues..i think both parties need to take a long look and change but i know that aint ever going to happen in my life time or my kids .. also most people are conservative and i think its going to keep going that way due to who the dems have choosen for the head of there party and who will probally run in 2008 also just like the left the right has there nuts to .. i think its the yin yang thing ...

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