He Done Fucked Up Now

This guy should at least try and fight back some not just sit there and let himself get slapped around like that. Hell that fucker looks scrawny as fuck and much smaller than him.

  • xizang May 23, 2016

    If you've read any of the news stories lately, blacks everywhere have been attacking whites only to come out and claim it was the whites attacking them. And of course when they do, the media and cops, campuses, etc. all feel sorry for the poor BLM 'victims' of abuse.

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  • drbrownsteine May 23, 2016

    Leave it to a nig to punch a guy sitting down. Is it just me or did he kinda sound like Eddy Murphy?

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  • breakfastblunt May 23, 2016

    @xizang Jesus christ man, inferiority complex much? Are you that worried of America falling to a minority? Haha dude didn't even look white, he looked mixed.

    +2 -7
  • breakfastblunt May 23, 2016

    Might as well kill yourself for getting beat up by dude with a lollipop.

    +4 -5
  •   whobe May 23, 2016

    Push that lolly pop down his throat he looks like he could use something to eat.

    +5 -1
  • gringotchingo May 23, 2016

    you mother fucking nigger..im onna find you nigger..LOS ZETAS HIJO DE PUTA

    +1 -6
  • el_chingon May 23, 2016

    Niggers are a protected species..

    It's a Federal crimes to hurt a nigger....just ask Attny General Loretta Lynch....

    +2 -4
  • sleeko May 23, 2016

    He didn't fight back because, he knows that if he'd kicked that coons ass, he would have deal with every other nigger, on the bus.

    +9 -1
  • blueboy1 May 23, 2016

    Can't this guy video properly.

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  •   darkmadness May 23, 2016

    People get real tough on this crazyshit comment section infront of their pc.

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  •   happyjack May 23, 2016

    Xizang you have a tired propaganda act. Why can't this be a fight on a bus. Why does it have to be so much more? I heard the black guy say he swung on him first. If the seats were revered and the black guy was getting slapped you guys would be cheer leading. So fuck this guy getting bitch slapped he probably did something to deserve it.

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  •   truckingman May 23, 2016

    I am not going to comment, expect for this comment that I am typing, on this MF" FUCKED UP SITUATION IN THIS VIDEO......

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  •   ogsabertooth May 23, 2016

    Your gay ass ain't gonna do shit but bow down you and your ole lady, and suck a nigger's dick. Like you used to do. White trash redneck. Bring it.

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  • realism May 23, 2016

    There'd be one less grape lollipop eatin mother fucker on this planet if this shit went down north of the banana belt.

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  •   happyjack May 24, 2016

    ^^^^ I doubt it. This website must have the highest rate of muderers per capita in the world lol

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  • fatlarry May 24, 2016

    He'd get up and fight back but that's racist

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  • joedumber May 24, 2016

    'im gone' what ya leave for that shit was funny as hell...oh well we'll watch the rest on the bus cam, AND SEE WHO YOU ARE...

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  • woodchipper30 May 24, 2016


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  •   oldrooster May 24, 2016

    I would have hit him so fucking hard that lolly pop would have shot strait out hiss ass.

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  • boney1 May 25, 2016


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  • harly9 May 25, 2016

    In a bus predominately occupied by Blacks did anyone expect him to retaliate? Talk about privilege!

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  • harly9 May 25, 2016

    @breakfastblunt Go away douchebag.

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  • sexmaster May 26, 2016

    This looks like Gary Indiana.

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  • sokonomi June 21, 2016

    What was this scrawny buck doing all the way in the front of the bus?

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  • eric chin January 20, 2017

    I feel so sorry for the black man. Another helpless victim of racism

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  • jayblade March 20, 2017

    what apussy i would had killed that fukin nigger

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