Bully Picks On Scrawny MMA Kid

David G.
31,189 Views 1 year ago

Kid didn't realize he was messing with the wrong. Sure he's a little scrawny and short but he handed that bullies ass to him with his MMA skills.

  • whobe May 27, 2016

    His last name is Norris and his father's name is Chuck.

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  • fatlarry May 27, 2016

    Ha ha that was funny

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  • stenchfart May 27, 2016

    tell your story walking ...pussy

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  • marcodufour May 27, 2016

    It`s always the toughest ones that are the quietest, that Bruce LeeRoy was one of those.

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  • maddog123 May 27, 2016

    Was that a school fr fucking retarded punks ?? I've stopped wondering why kids bring guns to school and killing the shit out of there class mates, schools today are like reform schools!! Or and black schools are like Brazilian

    Prisons!! This world is all fucked up not enough weed to calm every one down!! On weed the only thing these rug rats would fight would be a subway sammich!!!

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  • mrpoop May 27, 2016

    Crazy armbar

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  • picklehiesner May 27, 2016

    Maybe don't fuck w that little dude

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  • whobe May 27, 2016

    @maddog123 Everyone must get stoned.

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  • maddog123 May 27, 2016

    I'm declairing a get stoned day for all the fuck TARDS and I'm declairing get a blow job day no woman will be allowed to turn down giving head !!!

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  • nybadguy May 27, 2016

    Make him work hard for that MF lunch money.

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  • stoli May 28, 2016

    He is getting laid tonight...

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  • joedumber May 28, 2016

    @stoli shit, i thought i saw him getting a 4some tonight

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  • tbcxtc May 28, 2016

    Dont FUCK with DA HUI!!!

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  • jimmydcap May 28, 2016

    He should of broken it.

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  • ugggggggg May 28, 2016


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  • herbal_t May 30, 2016

    Damn right... he must be learning that MMA bullshit! That explains why he hit the kid in the face about 20 times and didn't even bloody the kids nose, or knock him out. Study a real form of kung-fu, karate, or even muay thai, and you can learn how to throw a punch that works.

    Calling something Mixed Martial Arts, unless they learned 2 or more forms of (real) martial arts is just stupid. You can muscle your way through things or you can learn effective techniques and not have to be a big dude to do damage.

    Can't deny it beats NO training at all. But a good fighter doesn't take 20 punches to not even hurt someone that's already pinned down. And dippy little MMA kid thinks being on the ground locked onto another person would help if that other kid's buddies came up and stomped on his head? You just don't do that shit unless you expect the only situation you have is 1-on-1 in an arena. That could literally get him killed if he's dumb enough to do that in the adult world.

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