Machete Attack Aftermath

David G.
13,660 Views 9 months ago

Brazil has competition now, this machete attack happened in the Dominican Republic. He should have armed himself with a weapon too.

  • madkraze May 30, 2016

    Seen better

  • barneyfife May 30, 2016

    Must have been a snackbar blade

  • sbohica May 30, 2016

    Right to bear arm.

  • pizzapie May 30, 2016

    He missed his throat

  • whobe May 30, 2016

    Looks like he was disarmed.

  • truckingman May 30, 2016

    Dave what was he armed with a MF" BANANA???

  • mykejp May 30, 2016

    Another night at Camp Crystal Lake.

  • twofords May 30, 2016

    They don't try to stop the bleeding or anything? Just jump in and go? Why not just hail a cab...oh wait, you need to raise your arm for that lol, but at least it would lessen the bleeding.

    I'm generally not one to get stitches, some people rush out to get them from a paper cut in the office, but I would definitely consider stitches in this situation.

  • breakfastblunt May 30, 2016

    Hey bro, your dicks hanging out.

  • cyberbu11y May 30, 2016

    @twoforda I was thinking the same shit "just go sit in the ambulances it will make u feel better"

  • oldrooster May 31, 2016

    He should have armed himself better.

  • srjordan May 31, 2016

    What is that flopping in front of him? Intestines? Dick?

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