Why Pens Make Bad Dildos

Everything is a dildo if you're brave enough but you just might have to have a ball point pen removed from your vagina if you're dumb and horny enough

  •   whobe June 1, 2016

    They might want to go after the poor Asian guy that fell in.

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  • blueboy1 June 1, 2016

    Now you know where lost pens end up!!

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  •   mrpoop June 1, 2016

    That's just not write

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  • xizang June 1, 2016

    It was either the pen or HAPPYJACK. She prefers the pen.

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  •   maddog123 June 1, 2016

    Got to have been a dumb blonde !!! Its a bic PIN NOT A DICK PEN !!!!!!

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  • cyberbu11y June 1, 2016

    @maddog... Nah bruh. Meat is too dark. I'd say she tried to smuggle that shit back in from the library up in county

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  •   ouch June 1, 2016

    @whobe lmmfao +1 fukker hahahahahaa

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  •   pizzapie June 1, 2016

    The was not in her man cave, it was in her urethra

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  •   picklehiesner June 1, 2016

    @mrpoop lol very clever +1

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  • fatlarry June 1, 2016

    She had to release some pentup frustration

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  • hickory June 1, 2016

    That was her urethra, surely a pen wouldn't get stuck in a pussy

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  • twofords June 1, 2016

    She shoved it in her pee hole? I've seen pics of dudes shoving fingers into their dicks, stretching it out, it looks disturbing and uncomfortable lol.

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  •   truckingman June 1, 2016

    Why would she insert a MF" PEN INTO HER URETHRA???

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  • dracos June 1, 2016

    that's her pen pal?

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  • mr_yuck June 1, 2016

    They should take xrays and look for the pocket protector with the nerd attachment.

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  •   maddog123 June 2, 2016

    Also pens ain't for during in your ears at school ???!! This kid ray Wilson, he was going to town had OE of those big wood pencils, and he was during into one of his ears.. when one of our bullys from the evil bus snuck up behind him and took the palm of his hand and slapped the pencil right on the eraser head dead on and drove that lead pointed fucker right into his ear drum!!! The teachers thought he was dead blood every where they were yelling he stabbed him in the brain??? Roy got two years in JUVY and ray says to this day when you talk to him!!! WHAT I CANT HEAR YOU WHAT!!!?? good times!!!

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  •   maddog123 June 2, 2016


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  • txdo_msk June 2, 2016

    @maddog123, Funny either way. I kept reading thinking the bully was going to shove it in his peehole

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  •   maddog123 June 2, 2016

    @txdo_msk in a way I wished he had ?? You see ray discovered jacking off!!?

    And no one wanted him sitting behind them in class because he would pull it out and beat it like a monkey!!! Matter of fact he was at a neighbor's house

    And they had this spider monkey and ray seen it beating the hell out of its monkey stick!!! So ray put dick and dick together monkeys got a dick I got a dick?? I'm going to give it a try to!!! And that's how little ray learned how to party with his self at a moments notice!!! Ray was mental but back then all the teachers could do was let ray study different boos than we had his had pictures?? I don't see what he saw in them all I seen was dick and Jane playing in a flower garden but ray right in class would whip out his boy meat

    And before you no it you could here FAP FAP FAP FAP!!! At first the teachers

    Would scold him but they just gave up and let him rip into it!! Funny as hell,

    I remember this one girl new girl her name I swear her name was Becky turnupseed!! Ray went full on jack off mode!! And she fucked up sat in front of him?? Most of us knew ray at any time was going to throw down so teacher leaves the room and ray takes out his trusty never failed him dick and Jane

    Reader with pictures?? And as quick as lightning starts FAPING THE HELL OUT OF LITTLE RAY!! He kept looking at Becky the back of her head then back at the book then back at Becky!! And this time he did something he never done before he started shaking and making weird noises and just as Becky turned around and asked are you OK ?? Ray let loose and blew his load

    In Becky's face hair she started screaming and the load ran down her face and into her mouth!! And she sucked it into her lungs and started choking and FELL into the floor, the teachers called for help and while the medics and school nurse were working on Becky ray starts jacking off again the paramedics took both Becky and ray to the hospital her to emergency him the

    Nut house..where I'm sure he got a nut!!!!!!!

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  •   oldrooster June 2, 2016

    Apparently the pen is also mightier than the labia.

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  • blartfart June 2, 2016

    Can i have your autograph??

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  •   mykejp June 2, 2016

    She was so tired this morning, she was writing with her tampon.

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  • insanemonkey June 2, 2016

    those surgeons do know how to spread them lips.

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  •   mrpoop June 2, 2016

    @picklehiesner thank you, my good man

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  •   big_daddy305 June 2, 2016

    She misread the label. Pack of pens.. she read pack of penis.

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