Good Short Crashes

David G.
17,187 Views 1 year ago

Roadcam compilation of a Ferrari barely missing two cars. Moped crashing into a cars head on. Bus rolling over. F3 race car crash, an atv driving into a lake and cars losing control

  •   whobe June 3, 2016

    That was some pretty clear water in that lake.

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  • bonefish June 3, 2016

    Didn't hear anyone trying to speak with a mouth full of marbles.

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  • korumkills June 3, 2016

    You know I think dash cams must be the best invention ever.

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  • tbcxtc June 3, 2016

    @whobe .... lol i taught the exact same thing lol, actually got a little thirsty

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  •   truckingman June 3, 2016

    First, well done sir. You have some impressive driving skills or you where extreme MF" LUCKY THAT DAY BITCH... Second, HYDROPLANING IS A MF" BIOTCH FOR ALL DRIVERS!!!!!! Third, I believe that this is a MF" GREAT “Head On” COMMERCIAL! Fourth who had the MF" RIGHT OF WAY??? Fifth, the EVIL BUS NEEDS TO MF" SLOW DOWN WHERE GOING AROUND THE MF" ROUNDABOUT, OR IT WILL MF" DIE!!! Sixth do the White pick up truck jump the MF" GUN IN THIS CLIP? Seventh, I have to many questions for this clip to be MF" ANSWERED... Eighth, in Mr. Mackay's voice, “MMM, CATCHING AIR IS BAD...” “MMMM, OK.....” Ninth, IT IS A 4 WHEELER NOT A MF" JET SKI BITCH!!! Tenth, please be careful not to catch the edge of the road or this can MF" HAPPEN TO YOU! DO A MF" “BALL ROLL!!!!!!”

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  • fatlarry June 3, 2016

    @korumkills yep and scooters

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  • txdo_msk June 4, 2016

    All in all, that was a very entertaining video.

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  •   darkmadness June 4, 2016

    Good driver at the beginning for missing those 2 cars but a dumb cunt for speeding down hill.

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