Getting herpes on the way home

Big Jeff
91,701 Views 9 months ago

Congrats man looks like you hooked a winner. Now go boil that dick in motor oil before it turns into a warty mess.

  • dracos June 4, 2016

    two rides for the price of one .. can't beat that and you won't have to

  • xizang June 4, 2016

    You might miss your stop if you stay for the whole show.

  • aquahollic June 4, 2016

    what a well mannered young lady to keep your legs crossed while grinding a cock on camera on mass transit

  • fallen28 June 4, 2016

    so you stick your whole arm to cup a feel of some tits when it would be a shorter way getting your finger in... gawd.... ya dun goofd dude

  • mrdrip June 4, 2016

    @dracos I think he had to pay for each of those rides independently

  • potrostation June 4, 2016

    If your local subway/train system ran this as an ad; ridership would go thru the roof.

  • truckingman June 4, 2016

    I did not know that subway trains had live PORNOS???

  • mrpoop June 5, 2016

    Fuck man, I got a boner watching her. Herp or no herp I'd hit it

  • jimmydcap June 5, 2016

    Bus should have slammed on the brakes.

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