Cop Gets 4 Years For Putting Kid In Coma

David G.
21,381 Views 1 year ago

This police officer decided to use his tazer on a kid then dropped him on his face on the curb after being handcuffed. The kid ended up in the coma and the bacon bits ended up with a sore ass in prison. Must have not gotten his donut at the station.

  • whobe June 7, 2016

    Here is the back story. The kid gets pulled over for a traffic warrant that is registered to that tag# but it was for a female who was not in the car. He was asked to roll down the window but he couldn't because it was broken. The cop opened the door and tased him for 20 seconds which is 15 seconds longer than he is trained to do. The kid which is another officers son went into cardiac arrest and was dead until emergency crews arrived and restarted his heart. It was estimated he was not breathing for over 5 minutes and is now in critical condition and in a coma. When do the riots begin?

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  • stenchfart June 7, 2016

    the kid was weak

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  • vulture June 7, 2016

    if the kid dies he should be charge with murder and fried in a faulty chair

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  • toreal June 7, 2016

    It's such a sad story all of sudden when the kid is not black.

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  • goiter June 7, 2016

    Attempted murder. Plain and simple.

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  • picklehiesner June 7, 2016

    @vulture I agree he should get the chair and let Percy dampen the sponge

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  • gringotchingo June 7, 2016

    cops suck DICK

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  • ih8boston June 7, 2016

    I bet the kids dad who is a cop will get some justice of his own when he gets out..

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  • cyberbu11y June 7, 2016

    Tsk tsk Officer Cadbury Cream Egg.

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  • truckingman June 7, 2016

    _________________ I am sorry, but I can not comment on this _____ video. However, I do agree the this ex-officer should be FULLY ______ punished by the LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • dracos June 7, 2016

    @whobe thanks

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  • darkmadness June 7, 2016

    The Typical highschool douchebag who dropped out and could not get a better job so they take a job in law enforcement and think they can still bully smaller kids without repercussions, So much of the guys nowadays are huge pussies.

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  • darkmadness June 7, 2016

    That kid may have suffered permanent brain damage if the back story is the truth @Whobe, Even 2 minutes without oxygen to the brain could make the victim suffer permanent brain damage, He will probably get out of the coma but most likely he will be a vegetable, At least the cop is now someones prison bitch.

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  • slayersanta666 June 7, 2016

    why is the cop in prision? I thought only black lives mattered?

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  • nybadguy June 7, 2016

    On a side note. Kimbo slice is dead. Heart attack.

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  • realism June 8, 2016

    Life is so fragile

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  • maddog123 June 8, 2016

    White people don't act the goddam fool that others do !! We just take it up the ass and go on with our lives!! Hoping that we are not next.. we are a scared!!!!

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  • maddog123 June 8, 2016

    I'm fucking high good night....

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  • justvisiting June 9, 2016

    Why was he driving someone else's wanted car? Why was he driving a car with a defective window that prevented him from cooperating with the police?

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