You scream like a girl

Big Jeff
20,371 Views 9 months ago

I don't know how she ended up that way but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it involves a scooter, and her turning into a road bump for that bus.

  • mrdrip June 18, 2016

    Amputation is very obvious.....she should make a dildo with the parts of the tibia or fibula that are not crushed, it's not many dudes out there who'd fuck a one legged chubby woman...

  • stenchfart June 18, 2016

    Two guys are exchanging insurance fucks given

  • shupbitazfag June 18, 2016

    if that was me I'd want someone to end my suffering

  • whobe June 18, 2016

    Bet she gets up and runs when she hears beep-beep-beep.

  • truckingman June 18, 2016

    I wonder what type of prosthesis she will receive from the hospital...

  • ouch June 18, 2016

    Sucks to be you

  • slayersanta666 June 18, 2016

    fresh ground leg any1? get it before it rots.

  • mrpoop June 18, 2016

    Excuse me ma'am but you're holding up traffic. If you could scooch over a little that would be great.

  • wifebeater2000 June 19, 2016

    @mrdrip , GUILTY !!

  • siko666 June 19, 2016

    I think it is pretty sad that no one is offering her any comfort or trying to stop the bleeding. Nope, the only on interested seems to be the guy with the video camera.

  • craigtl1000r June 20, 2016

    Yep you just stand there filming me die, thanks for your help.

  • mr.voorhees March 18, 2017

    Evil Bus did his job not very well last time.

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