Break A Leg Kid

David G.
18,627 Views 1 year ago

This fail warrants its own video, nothing more painful to watch than a kid slipping and breaking his leg by the pool but I can't help but keep watching this.

  • mordecai June 26, 2016

    is that a cracking cracker Toreal?

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  • truckingman June 26, 2016

    That is why my father installed short lengths of decking boards from, two widths of parallel decking boards, the deck to the middle of the pool rail cap on my family's twenty eight foot diameter above ground pool; My family needs to clean our pool after about five years of letting in sit unclean and go wild.

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  • madkraze June 26, 2016

    Break a leg kid

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  • bananahammock June 26, 2016

    Nice dislocation.

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  • darkmadness June 26, 2016

    Only his knee is dislocated, That's why you should never build something around a redneck pool.

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  • billybadbird June 26, 2016

    Oh that made me cringe.. Damn that had to hurt

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  • sbohica June 26, 2016

    @darkmadness, go find an old tire and get some thread and sew it back together...

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  • twofords June 26, 2016

    If that's in the states I would expect the family to be moving out shortly, that kid just got himself a new house. Why would you leave that gap? Why wouldn't the deck go over the rim of the pool or at least butt up against it.

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  • insanemonkey June 27, 2016

    mom behind the camera should react quicker.

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  • whobe June 27, 2016

    Deck builders by stooge & stooge.

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  • ven0m89 June 27, 2016

    That hit home, I did the same kinda thing with our below ground pool I was running up to it, and fell in the water pump hole that was uncovered, making my upper body fall into the empty pool while my leg bent the full other way....that shit hurt even as a kid.

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  • darkmadness June 27, 2016

    @billybadbird It happened to me when i was younger in rugby. Does not hurt at all. Just a weird feeling when they pop it back in place!

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  • mr.voorhees March 18, 2017

    All was fun, till ...

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