Coco Works For Crack

Goes to show you can't judge a book for its cover. Just because Coco is a crackhead who works for crack rocks and has a black eye. Doesn't mean she can't take care of her babies. Let's go get some crack girl.

  • belchesfelches July 7, 2016

    Makeup by Five Finger Attitude Adjustment ®

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  • ezbuddy July 7, 2016

    Good to see my Ex finally found work

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  •   crazyvet July 7, 2016

    If that isn't MLK Blvd. she is walking on, she is wasting her time.

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  • sharkkiller1 July 7, 2016

    someone had to tell her something 1 time

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  • yeayeayea July 7, 2016

    Hey bitch, there is free crack across the highway.

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  • el_chingon July 7, 2016

    Legal abortion came too late for this bitch's mom!

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  •   mrpoop July 7, 2016

    Nice shiner

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  • belchesfelches July 7, 2016

    @ezbuddy Good to see you think positively of her...

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  • sleeko July 7, 2016

    Would anybody care, if I shot this bitch?

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  • failure101 July 7, 2016

    Something tells me this bitch has had a cock in her mouth very near a dumpster.

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  • riley804 July 7, 2016

    436 / Semoran Blvd is in Orlando.

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  •   happyjack July 7, 2016

    @Maddogg123, couples counseling is another alternative to the fist to the eye technique. Let her have her teeth back too.

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  •   corruptedsob July 7, 2016

    She's not getting any of my weed

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  •   truckingman July 7, 2016

    She is too MF" HONEST....

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  • spinal12 July 7, 2016

    Something tells me this bitch could give a bad ass hummer.

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  • aquahollic July 7, 2016

    yay another recipient of my tax dollars

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  •   picklehiesner July 7, 2016

    This chick is off the fucking charts on the crazy scale

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  • evilone July 7, 2016

    FAKE! very FAKE!

    Just the words she is using and all the nonsense.

    A crack whore has a different kind of nonsense.

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  •   maddog123 July 7, 2016

    Now now now? Happy, I'm sending this crazy bitch to your house!!! Now if I was drunk! Drunk drunk!! She would be a

    One hour keeper!

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  • james511969 July 7, 2016

    Black eyes matter.

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  •   nybadguy July 7, 2016

    She's way to fat to be a crack head. Her blk eye looks fake to.

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  •   happyjack July 7, 2016

    ^^^^^ I kind of think it's fake too, but those missing teeth kind of had me on the fence.

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  • cyberbu11y July 8, 2016

    @Vatican are you gonna take her home and give her the five fucking dollars or u just gonna sit there and ask questions??

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  •   maddog123 July 8, 2016

    Her skin is to clear and healthy looking!! And her eyes

    Are to clear and she's to fucking happy!! And she ain't about to give some other bitch the her time to talk about her life unless she gets at least twenty dollars!! If she don't get that and she thought for a second the other girl had money she would beg first and kick her ass second and get it!!!!I'm always paying these fuckers money to do fucked up shit here when I'm drunk they would set them self's on fire for a ten piece!! There's a trailer park up the highway from me where I party a lot and one night me and some of the other hoodlums I was drinking with got this crack head to go get some more of her crack Buddy's to come back and I gave them each a ten

    Spot to get them going?? And when they finished I knew I

    Had them on my hook??!! I told them if they get naked and start eating one another out I would give them a twenty a piece!! It didn't take ten seconds before all six were sucking pussys!!! Lips were smacking!!! Always up till the law dogs showed up and busted there crack asses!! Did I mention they were in the middle of the trailer park street!!!??? Anyway as the patrol cars were pulling away and we were laughing our asses off those bitches were yelling in back of those cars we want our crack money!! They even called dude house when they got to jail each one of them!! Wanting us to bring them there

    Six twenty dollar rocks down to the jail!! Now that's fucked up!! Good times!!!

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  •   ouch July 8, 2016

    @maddog123 I got $20 that they a member of this site

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  •   nybadguy July 8, 2016

    @happy. Looks like meth mouth.

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  • djcusetownboi July 8, 2016

    Give her a pipe and a can of spinach then she'll might look just like popeye...

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  • unseeneye July 8, 2016

    that batman symbol on that car tho was cool lol

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  • crazycanuck November 20, 2016

    EWW look at what a fucking nasty worthless piece of shit she is. shes probably like 30 and it looks like she fucking 90

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  • soulconsumer January 16, 2017

    Ok, this is confirmed fake, it's an act and she always has a black eye. The black eye keeps changing side almost every day, look it up on google. There are more videos of this cunt on youtube.

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  • mr.voorhees March 18, 2017

    What kind of work is this "Coco" exactly doing?

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