Suicide By Train

David G.
23,398 Views 8 months ago

Suicide by train but I do think she's very smart. She she should have put her neck on the rail instead of her legs. At best she probably just got amputated

  • crazyvet July 10, 2016

    She had good timing, but I agree the technique needs work.

  • potrostation July 10, 2016

    She failed anatomy in premed. That's the reason for the suicide and the incorrect body position.

  • vulture July 10, 2016

    she's half the person she was

  • nybadguy July 10, 2016

    Bad time to look for change buddy.

  • failure101 July 10, 2016

    I wonder if her guts were squirted out her baby cannon.

  • sharkkiller1 July 10, 2016

    well whatever 3rd world shit pile country there in it smells better now that theres one less stinky fuck there

  • sharkkiller1 July 10, 2016

    your supposed to put the coin on the track way before the train gets there

  • airsporter July 10, 2016

    That was deliberate - No messin.

  • whobe July 10, 2016

    Did she died?

  • truckingman July 10, 2016

    Her will not bleed to death because of the weight of the train creating a seal in her crushed veins and arteries of her legs.

    Just shaking his head, .............

  • twofords July 10, 2016

    Looks like they are sheared off right below the ass, maybe the pussy came out unscathed, possibly missing a twathair or 2 though.

  • mordecai July 10, 2016

    No more sammiches!

  • joedumber July 10, 2016

    i love crazy women, throwing herself in front of a train, i wonder what she would throw herelf into like in bed

  • mrpoop July 10, 2016

    So long, dumb ass.

  • ouch July 10, 2016

    The coroners report came out saying she dies from a drug overdose... They found TRACK MARKS all over her body!

  • honkie365 July 10, 2016

    TWO pieces to fuck.

  • blartfart July 11, 2016

    Take a good look.That train got her at cunt level...i'd still try to hit it though when it's still warm.

  • ven0m89 July 11, 2016

    I'd rather just shoot myself fuck getting crushed and cut and still having a chance to live fuck that.

  • maddog123 July 11, 2016

    Myself I didn't drink million gallons beer smoke tons of weed thousands of bottles of decent scotch and govout and throw myself on some train track I won't to go another half century doing it again!!! Mmmkay!!! Whacking your self is stupid!

  • sleeko July 11, 2016

    Notice how the train, did not give a single fuck.

  • chrisrodri March 7, 2017

    they should teach the proper way to suicide in school, I think

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