Cop Dies In Motorcycle Accident

David G.
26,593 Views 1 year ago

Looks like poor Officer Mike has ate his last donut He died in a motorcycle accident but at least he wasn't taken under by the BLM group.

  •   crazyvet July 10, 2016

    Now we have another blue angel. I must say, the social experiment I have done over the last couple months has been a hoot. All military training tells us that wars are sometimes started by a single word, like nigger, race war, DERP, idiot and so on. I love the way I can send someone into a rage with a simple button. It's fun guys, give it a try.

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  •   vulture July 10, 2016

    I guess they will drop the charge for speeding

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  • dracos July 10, 2016

    bullet proof doesn't mean accident proof

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  •   nybadguy July 10, 2016

    Good for the pig. I hope his family is next. Civilian killer MF's. I hope it was a black guy who crashed into him. No wait. they would probably kill him even if he was legit.

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  • failure101 July 10, 2016

    Stop resisting!! So who gets the paid vacation?

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  • airsporter July 10, 2016

    You bunch of Cunts piss on Protect & Serve.

    He might have been more than his Badge to many!

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  • maryxxx July 10, 2016

    Nytwatguy, I bet you have a rap sheet longer than your moms dick. That's why you don't like cops.

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  • sharkkiller1 July 10, 2016

    that little piggy was on his way to the market but didnt quite make it


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  •   stenchfart July 10, 2016

    with all those internal injuries -cpr doesn`t look like a good idea

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  •   whobe July 10, 2016

    Where is his moped?

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  •   nybadguy July 10, 2016

    @marycunt. Why so butt hurt pal? Is daddy a policia man or are you faggot. If your in NY let's meet up I'll print you out a copy of my rap sheet. Fuck around and end up another bloody picture on here with that tough guy talkin bullshit.

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  •   maddog123 July 10, 2016

    Fuck cops bunch of goddam thugs I could care less how many gets it!!! Mother fuckers don't like it when they get punched back!!! Why do you think they want our guns??? So they will have full control over us!! It was how we defeated the british ! And its how we will take back america when the time comes!!!

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  •   truckingman July 10, 2016

    May he Rest in ever lasting Peace.

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  • wifebeater2000 July 10, 2016


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  • joedumber July 10, 2016

    @maryxxx yeah New Youwk, big city dreams, if your in United States of New Youwk take it to United States of Booklyn, and take the subway anywhere you want cause its New Youwk, and if i ever see you on the corner of W 147 and E 8th im gonna kick your ubtt. and dont let me catch you in Kmart, cause its New Youwk Kmart with 4 floors, New Yowrk is for New Youwkers only stay the fuck out. If you aint from New Yowk you aint nottin, the US is nottin without New Youwk.

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  •   mrpoop July 10, 2016

    @stenchfart you are correct, sir

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  •   ouch July 10, 2016

    Thank fuck we have more respect for our COPS in Australia. you people make me sick.

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  • cazaly July 10, 2016

    Second that Ouch , poor bastard. Suddenly the bullshit going on over the other side of the Pacific makes a lot more fucking sense.

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  •   ouch July 10, 2016

    @crazyvet Hahahahah BINGO lol well played Sir I have been doing that since day 1 & I love the fact a guy from the other side of the planet can cause such havoc on a site like this and still be THE KING OF CS, as I ride in on my trusty white stead in my shining armor to once again save the day. Just like this officer my name is Mike as well, Maybe that's me lying on the ground dying after I fell off my horse, I troll you fuckers every day. Oh let the negs roll on in lol HELP MY RON-KANOBIE you're my only hope LMMFAO and just for good measure i'll add this to the BURN, You have a Beaner doing your updates and an Aussie doing your wics and both are BETTER than any one that has ever done before so choke on them apples lol. Oh the pleasure it gives is awesome. OH ouch Lied, Oh ouch has no credibility I am reading ha ha ha ha OMFG this is GOLD. thanks @crazyvet you just made my fucking day :) If you were a guest I would BUY you a V.I.P LMMFAO. Now that's how you troll :) May the force be with you.....Always

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  •   sbohica July 10, 2016

    ^^^So what are you trying to say little man? Blah, blah, blah doesn't make any sense... Maybe The Wiggles understand or maybe Elmo? Oh well. Blah blah, blah bleepy blah, blippity boo boo......Always

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  • nickkk July 10, 2016


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  •   ouch July 10, 2016

    @nickkk fucking oath bro

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  •   ouch July 10, 2016

    I'll Type S L O W E R next time so the fuckwitts can keep up ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

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  •   sbohica July 10, 2016

    ^^^I played u like a grand piano, u punk bitch!!! That's ALL that little brain, in that little body cud come up with? Weak!!! ROTFLMMFAO Bloop blah, bee BITCH!

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  •   sbohica July 10, 2016

    "I'm NEVER responding to him again"... More proof. Weak little bitch!

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  •   pizzapie July 10, 2016

    This was in San Jose Ca where I live. Mike no more

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  •   sbohica July 10, 2016

    Here, tissue..... Psyche!

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  •   maddog123 July 10, 2016

    Was a little rough on the cop dude!! Nobody deserves to get hurt killed fucked up murdered axed hung whatever!!

    Now fucking your self to death that's another story!!

    I support fucking your self to death!! Go for it!!

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  • woodchipper30 July 11, 2016


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  • mrburgz July 11, 2016

    What sucks is that he died responding to a call where a nigger needed his help. The same nigger that say fuck the pigs but they sure know how to call them fuckers when they need them.

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  • realism July 11, 2016

    Nothing about this is funny, make your asinine adolescent jokes all you want today, tomorrow it could be you or someone you care about lying there. How about we try making life worth something more than some opportunity for a neckbeard that lives in his mother's basement to play keyboard warrior. Have any of you here actually ever saved a life? Or recovered someone's dead family member? Tried to comfort them? I have, several times, it's never been funny. And now you want to joke about someone giving their life trying to improve yours, well look at yourself in the mirror now, what have you done to help your fellow man? Make some more jokes, go ahead, you're the joke.

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  •   happyjack July 11, 2016

    @crazyvet, social experiment my ass, you aren't that bright and motivated. I've read your comments for years you aren't performing any experiments lol.

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  •   happyjack July 11, 2016

    @Ouch when I'm destroying you on here do you think I'm all mad and furious? I'm usually laughing when I'm slapping you around. You are such a liar you don't know what's true or not anymore. BTW let your wife in on your little game so she doesn't come on here sticking up and crying about you being picked on, such a fraud you aren't fooling anyone, not even us dumb Americans.

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  •   oldrooster July 11, 2016

    @ouch Fucking well put Ouch.

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  •   ouch July 11, 2016

    @oldrooster. Shhhhh they don't seem to get it. I have never once been mad happy and do you think I give a flying Fuck what you think or say. I have been trolling you since day one and unlike you I am good at it. Dumb ass I cant wait for the next wics everything will be about ouch and Australia so you should not comment because it is Australian made. DERP💋

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  • ven0m89 July 11, 2016

    Not a good video at all cs, I'm all down for seeing sand coons getting fucked off but not one of our own.

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  •   maddog123 July 11, 2016

    Damn that cop still laying there?? Better get that ass put under ground!!! Before he starts smelling like roting bacon!!!!!!

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  • joedumber July 11, 2016

    @mrburgz how you know that?

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  •   happyjack July 11, 2016

    @Ouch you better let your wife in on your master plan because it appears that shel's being trolled by you too. She's practically crying for her little man in this response. Here is her direct quote "It is nice to see that even after all the crap some people on this site give you day in and day out you can still put together a production like this and make fun of yourself in the process. I see how hard you work on these and especially this one with Miss Treehouse21. happy wics people of CS. Those that can... do. those that can’t ... (well you know the rest.) Shanni xoxoxoxoxo"

    +1 -3
  •   ouch July 11, 2016

    @happyjack wow you are actually stupider than I gave you credit, Shanna and I sit side by side writing our TROLLS for you to pick up on and you take the bait ever time, What a moron you are. I love the fact you like to back and forth here in the PG and even read forum posts but can't even manage to post in there. Once again thank you for being a total idiot. You and your little mate who thinks just because I refer to him in our conversation I'm talking to him. Some times this is to easy. Why don't you just ignore me? Can you do that?

    +2 -1
  • sleeko July 11, 2016

    @nybadguy And, guess who'll come to your aid, when you finally run into a bigger asshole, than yourself? It's only a matter of time, loser.

    +4 -1
  •   happyjack July 11, 2016

    @Ouch, not fooling me sorry....your wife has been on here and cried for you in the past, that isn't trolling it was real.....Not buying it little fella....sorry. I can read you like a book...Try this fake trolling story with someone else, I was born at night but not last night lol. You are so dumb that you've convinced yourself that you are smarter than me and have some type of intellectual superiority over me....SUPER OUCH!!!! LMFAO

    +0 -3
  •   nybadguy July 11, 2016

    @sleeko. Call me what you want. I'm a loser with a house on the beach and 2 new cars 4 kids and a wife. I'm living the american dream MF so eat a dick and get out of mommy's basement bitch.

    +1 -2
  • aquahollic July 12, 2016

    @nybadguy eat a dick... you're the kind of bitch that calls the cops crying as soon as there's the first hint of trouble and bitch about paying their wages when they pull you over for driving like the ass you are fuck off

    +2 -0
  •   nybadguy July 12, 2016

    @Aquahollic. You think so hu? I'm the first one to cave brains in son.

    +0 -1
  • aquahollic July 12, 2016

    @nybadguy but of course you are dear

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  •   nybadguy July 13, 2016

    See me then stop talkin.

    +0 -1
  • aquahollic July 13, 2016

    oh you're such a online badass... so scary

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  • fuckwhitey July 17, 2016

    Rest in PISS cracker! 😂

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