Ka Boom!!!

Jesse U.
12,454 Views 1 decade ago
  • naughty_samara April 16, 2005

    that was cool xcept 4 the music....shoulda played some Godsmack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oklardnck April 16, 2005

    good choice samara

  • ramyel April 16, 2005

    i bet they lost some hair though!!!hahahahha

  • scooter69 April 16, 2005

    This is the one that should have been titled "what a fuckup"

  • bwoodahm April 20, 2005

    ever had a friend say hey yall

    watch this? i think this guy has.

  • zeroday666 March 5, 2009

    Nice job.. and they say petrol isn't effective heh? Though you can almost see why anyone lighting petrol catches on fire... I woul;d recommend diesal , it is much more effective and burns more but longer and better, also leaves a nice thick coat of black dusty substances good for .. well good for nothing, but its still fucking cool.

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