Cops Shoot Knife Wielding Man

David G.
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When a cop says drop the knife or weapon you better do it or you'll end up getting pumped full of bullets and dying of lead poising

  • hatesniggers July 25, 2016

    Cool I like what I see!!!

    But if I was being fair then I would have to say,really!! as if that guy would be able to hurt the cops with a fucking knife,,, especially with as many of them that were there,,and given the fact they're wearing body armor,, they could have easily used pepper spray and a nightstick on him!! So clearly it was nothing more than target practice!!!!

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  • xizang July 25, 2016

    Any weapon - even toy trucks out in the street - is all the excuse cops need to shoot you. Of course, if you're just a baby in a crib in Georgia, cops will toss a grenade into your crib and blow your face off. That's okay by them.

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  •   mykejp July 25, 2016

    One guy with a knife against a bunch of cops with guns. His thinking was duller than the knife he was holding.

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  • hickory July 25, 2016

    Lots going on that the public doesn't know about . Something or someone is trying to divide us . Get your priorities straight big events are about to take place .

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  •   vulture July 25, 2016

    13 shots and still firing when he was on the ground, 1 shot in the leg and its over what the hell wrong with US pigs do they like people to go on the rampage killing even more pigs

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  •   mrpoop July 25, 2016

    Taking out the trash

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  •   rockinron July 25, 2016

    @hickory agreed.

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  • madkraze July 25, 2016

    All them shots for a fucking knife ? A knife really and they are wondering why the cops are getting shot to shit lmfao all the way to hell

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  •   ugggggggg July 25, 2016

    They should have urinated over his zombied shell.

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  •   ugggggggg July 25, 2016

    I need a nap now,ive just spermed to the nudist woman,..,.,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm back later (im soaked) :(

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  • phuket_3ways July 25, 2016

    Fuckn pussys.... What about a TAZER....

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  •   fistermister July 25, 2016

    Hey bro, didn't mommy ever tell you not to run with sharp objects?

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  •   sbohica July 25, 2016

    Oh shit! Fucked my day rite up.

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  • cyberbu11y July 25, 2016

    There's like 15 of them with semi-automatic weapons "OMG HE'S GOTTA KNIFE"

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  • whackjob July 25, 2016

    Help me please. For the last 4 days I can't watch these vids. My computer gives me a message that either the file is corrupted or my viewer doesn't support features of the video. Does anyone know what that means?

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  • cyberbu11y July 25, 2016

    Then one of them yells "drop the knife" after he's dead. Fucking lol

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  • cyberbu11y July 25, 2016

    Afterwards they all hugged eachother and asked "hey are u guys ok man" being it was such a traumatic experience and all

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  • breakfastblunt July 25, 2016

    Jesus christ. I love this community. A justified shooting of a criminal and not a single racist or hateful thing said so far. Unjust shootings of blacks posted on this site, its nigger this, nigger that, hateful shit by the dozens. Everyone says they deserved it. This guy dashing at the cops full sprint with a knife gets and shot down, possibly able to slash someones throat and you guys defend him. Haha the fucking hypocrisy here is palpable.

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  •   truckingman July 25, 2016

    I am stay out of this MOTHER FUCKING SHIT STORM......

    Just shaking his head, .......................

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  •   nybadguy July 25, 2016

    More like suicide by cop

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  • castor63 July 25, 2016

    @xizang Gimme a fuckin break. Shit stain comes at you with a knife and what you do? Please don't stab me. When was the last time you seen a grenade tossed on a baby. Fuckin ignorant ass.

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  • ezbuddy July 25, 2016

    Helpful Hint Monday!

    If your armed and told to "Drop the Knife"

    Drop the fucking Knife

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  • airsporter July 25, 2016

    Does seem a trifle excessive on the face of it!

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  •   GrimmWilder July 25, 2016

    I liked it......more like this vid plz

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  • jambini July 25, 2016

    @ezbuddy Tha's true. But what if you're retard and don't understand the danger. Some people need help. Of course we all know if an officer of the law tells you to drop, you should comply anywhere in the world I suppose. So here, we either have a retard not complying or a suicide by cop.

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  • cyberbu11y July 25, 2016

    Oooh check this out. . Set fire to the field and observes the snakes and rats dispersing real fast

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  •   whobe July 25, 2016

    Should have got a bigger knife for more effect.

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  • aquahollic July 25, 2016

    @hatesniggers knives go through body armor like butter and a man with a knife can close seven feet and stab before you can fire a shot in reaction

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  • aquahollic July 25, 2016

    @whackjob too much porn

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  • chupamiverga July 25, 2016

    ^^^ LMAO

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  • mr_yuck July 25, 2016

    @Aquaholic - It's 21 ft (7 yards). The average bad guy can cover 21 ft in a second and stick a knife into a cop before his service weapon clears leather.

    Tasers are not effective with any kind of barrier and may be ineffective on people with specific mental disabilities or on some street drugs.

    Police are trained to draw their service weapon first and foremost for this reason.

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  •   maddog123 July 25, 2016

    The story here was the police was trying to take away breakfast blunts dildo before he hurt his self with it earlier he was deep throating it and choking and he was scarring children!!! The police did not shoot him! As breakfast blunt started to run he shocked his self on the very powerful electric dildo!!! And knocked him self out!! Poor bastard!

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  • f-bomb July 26, 2016

    Fucktard brought a knife to a gunfight

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  • sharkkiller1 July 26, 2016

    ahh ft myers fl you never disapoint first a club shooting early in the morning then the cops gun this gun down in the afternoon

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  •   mrpoop July 26, 2016

    Lmao, fucking maddog

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  •   maddog123 July 26, 2016

    @mrpoop I no I no another one of them nights? My bad!

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  •   ugggggggg July 26, 2016

    @ whackjob SIMPLY CLICK "Num Lk THEN f7! " OR stop sperming on your pc.U filthy bastard.

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  • wisebastard July 26, 2016

    poor fucking bastard did not even get a chance to put the knife down his dick hole and film it for .......what a god damn shame.......crazyshitheads lives matter

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  • runforestrun July 26, 2016

    He looked a little dark skinned..That mean street blocking again from the dip craps BLM?

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  • woodchipper30 July 28, 2016


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  • crazycanuck November 13, 2016

    yep.. SELF OWNED . The guy was asking for it

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